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Logistics, Organisation and International Trade Department (LOCI)



The Logistics, Organisation and International Trade (LOCI) department of the Faculty of Economics and Management offers training in the field of economics and business management.

It is the result of training courses of excellence in Logistics, Quality, Entrepreneurship, Management of Public Action and International Trade. The ambition of the creators of this department is to put in synergy these different fields to give young graduates knowledge and skills in line with the current needs of companies.

Located on the university sites of Aix and Marseille, the LOCI department includes three master's degrees and a professional bachelor's degree. It has a staff of more than 600 students in initial or continuing training, under normal conditions as well as under apprenticeship or professionalization contracts.

Key words :

International Trade, Logistics, Business Management, Supply Chain, Quality, Energy, Public Action, Entrepreneurship.


The Masters


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Insurance, banking, finance: account manager

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