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Professional degree in insurance, banking and finance: client manager

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Teaching method: Initial training, Continuing education or alternating training

Location: Marseille

Duration of courses: 1 year

Output level: Bachelor's degree

  • Objectives

    The objective of the Insurance, Banking and Finance Professional License is to train specialists in individual and/or professional clients, mastering a set of economic, legal, financial, fiscal and commercial techniques necessary to manage a client portfolio. These account managers have versatile and evolving profiles. Versatility refers to the diversity of the operations handled, which must enable all the needs expressed by the client to be met. The evolutionary potential concerns the ability to exercise, in the long term, other functions, other professions in the bank: Advisor-manager of corporate customers, Wealth Management Advisor.

    The specificity of this license is based on pedagogical choices that take up the fundamental principles of professionalization (confronting students with problems and situations they will encounter in their professional lives), and emphasize the desire to give students an academic education. This teaching will allow them to think about concrete problems.

    Different enrollment systems are offered, depending on your professional project: initial training, continuing education or work-study. See the admission section for more information.

    On a professional level, this course allows you to :

    • Assess the client's needs in order to propose the appropriate financial and/or non-financial products
    • Evaluate the client's financial situation and risk in the context of accepting a credit application
    • Monitor and improve the profitability of the customer portfolio through acquisition and retention.
    • Mastering sales, negotiation and communication techniques (oral and written). Meet the commercial objectives set
    • Know the banking sector and master, in order to apply it to each client, the banking regulations and innovations in force.

    Some of the teachers-researchers in this degree have banking as their field of research (banking management control, steering, performance indicators, management information systems, innovation and digitalization, ....). They communicate widely on their work to the students and do not hesitate to have them work on current topics of reflection by encouraging them to consult and cite scientific journals, particularly in the context of projects.

    Students work in groups on a project in collaboration with a bank. They will have to mobilize all the knowledge acquired during the training. A written file and an oral presentation will allow the evaluation of the skills acquired by the students.

    A 4-month internship is mandatory for students in initial training.

  • Teachings

    • Year of theInsurance Banking Finance Professional License Client Manager - Initial training, Work-study and Continuing education (60 credits)
    • Semester 5 (30 credits)
    • Economic environment (6 credits)
      • The monetary and financial system
      • Capital markets
      • Elements of contemporary economics
    • Risk management (6 credits)
      • Economic and financial analysis
      • Financial and risk management
      • Insurance of persons and property
    • Banking (6 credits)
      • Diagnosis and strategy
      • Banking innovations
      • The banking firm
    • Techniques and methods (6 credits)
      • Banking law
      • Banking marketing
      • Financial mathematics
    • Customer account management (6 credits)
      • Marketing of savings, credit and insurance products
      • Taxation of individuals
      • Client risk management
    • Semester 6 (30 credits)
    • Asset Management (6 credits)
      • Securities and stock market techniques
      • Transfer of assets
      • Risk management and client portfolio development
    • Applications (6 credits)
      • Banking and financial English
      • Commercial negotiation and sales act
      • Business simulation game
    • Tutored project (6 credits)
    • Internship (12 credits)
  • Admission

    Who can apply?

    Students who have obtained a 2nd year of a Bachelor's degree, BTS, DUT.

    How to apply?

    Depending on your registration status, different procedures are available to you:

    - initial training: without an apprenticeship contract or with an apprenticeship contract, the student must look for and obtain an apprenticeship contract from a bank or financial institution and put together his or her file via the e-candidatapplication
    - in a sandwich course: only with an apprenticeship contract and in partnership with
    ESB (Ecole Supérieure de la Banque): also apply on the ESB website
    or DIFCAM (Crédit Agricole Group): by writing to, attach your CV to the message and we will contact you! For more information: Home - Difcam - You can also put together your file via the e-candidatapplication.

    - in continuing education: resumption of studies, professionalization contract .... For more information, please download the application form via the following link

    For more information at the time of your application, consult the page dedicated to applications and registrations.

  • Practical information

    • Lectures: 382 hours
    • Tutorial: 94 hours
    • Internship: 16 weeks
    • Initial training: courses and compulsory internship in a bank or financial institution
    • Work-study program: 15 days in a bank, 1 week of classes at the ESB or DIFCAM, 1 week of classes at the Faculty
    • Continuing education: any person with continuing education status (resumption of studies, VAE, VAP, job seekers, professionalization contract) can take part in the initial training courses.


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Training Manager and Administrative Referent - LOCI