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la recherche à la FEG

The Faculty of Economics and Management develops a research policy that aims to support the research teams attached to it, to help provide them with the best possible scientific, financial and material environment; to encourage the development of partnerships and collaborations between teams and between researchers, and to promote the emergence of new projects while contributing to the steering of existing projects.



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Habilitation to supervise research


Faculty members


  • Research Labs


    AMSE - Aix-Marseille School of Economics

    Research area: Quantitative economics

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    CERGAM - Centre for Management Studies and Research

    Research area: management

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    CRETLOG - Transport and Logistics Research Centre

    Field of research: logistics

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    LEST - Laboratory of Economics and Sociology of Work

    Field of research: economics and sociology of work

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    SESSTIM - Economic and Social Science of Health and Medical Information Processing

    Area of Research: Health Economics

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  • Research Centers

  • Scientific committee

    The Scientific Committee (Extract from the FEG statutes)

    The Scientific Committee is chaired by the Dean or in his absence by the Vice-Dean for Research. In addition, it is composed of the directors of the research units attached to the Faculty and of the member(s) of the Faculty elected to the Research Commission of the University if the Faculty is represented on it.

    Its mission is to examine and, if necessary, to propose an inter-filing, all the files concerning calls for research tenders and grant applications submitted to the University before transmission to the Research Commission of the University.

    The Scientific Committee also gives its opinion on the files of visiting professors and on applications for the defense of the Habilitation to Direct Research.
    It meets at the initiative of its president according to current events and in particular the agenda of the next Research Commissions.

    The Scientific Committee is composed of the following 9 persons:

    • Buno Decreuse
    • Claudio Vitari
    • Alain venditti
    • Nicolas Aubert
    • Laurent Livolsi
    • Roch Giorgi
    • Thierry Berthet
    • Marion Dovis
    • Nadine Richez Battesti

    Draft mandate :

    The current mandate is that the Scientific Committee should also be a means of bringing teaching closer to research, more interdisciplinarity in research and a strong involvement of the FEG in the career development of teaching and research staff.

    On the subject of bringing teaching closer to research, the Scientific Committee contributes to the definition of research training programmes. The rapprochement also means considering that research laboratory staff are members of the FEG community regardless of their supervision. They must therefore be recipients of internal and external FEG information.

    Concerning interdisciplinarity in research, the scientific committees are organised at MEGA, to mark that MEGA must promote meetings between members of the research centres. This will consolidate mutual trust, facilitate meetings and encourage collective projects.

    With regard to the careers of teachers and researchers, the Scientific Committee contributes to the training of personnel on career opportunities and to the definition of recruitment needs and opportunities.


Champ 1

PhD in Economics and Management Sciences

Champ 1



  • INTER-EVAL SEMINAR of June 2, 2023
    March 9, 2023
    Lecture by Roland Rizoulières (IEP Aix) entilted "The New Public Management in the military health service"
  • CERGAM methodological seminars
    Find the schedule of methodological seminars for the next few months so that you can register and participate in those that interest you!
  • AMSE Newsletter n°16 is issued
    February 2, 2023
    The AMSE Newsletter n°16 is issued: Research highlights, Article about the "Training - Research link" at the School, and the portrait of Joan Canton, now Member of Thierry Breton’s Cabinet at the European Commission.


Doctoral Students Office/ HDR

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