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The international dimension is at the heart of Faculty's strategy: thanks to the quality of its programmes and research, Faculty Economics and Management enjoys international recognition, which invigorates its research and training activities. It has thus always deployed links and a solid network of partners to enable the mobility of its students, but also teachers and administrators.

Faculty Economics and Management relies on its network of 107 universities, institutes and partner schools to offer the best opportunities for student and academic mobility and to develop its double degrees.
Mobility opportunities for students of Faculty of Economics and Management are offered by year or semester of international studies from the 3rd year of Bachelor's degree, Master's degree or gap year!

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Incoming students

Come to FEG in Exchange Program or as a Freemover
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Outgoing students

International student mobility


  • 2 New international double degrees
    Start of the school year 2022/2023
    The Faculty of Economics and Management is developing 2 new international double degree programs with the University of Venice Ca'Foscari in data analysis and quantitative economics!
  • Take a break from your studies! Spring campaign
    Spring campaign
    Take a break from your studies to gain professional or personal experience in France or abroad. You can carry out an entrepreneurial, social or cultural project, hold positions in a company, administration or association […]