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Master 1 Innovation Management


Teaching method: Initial training, Work-linked training

Location : Aix-en-Provence

Type of degree: Master

Duration of studies: 2 years

Output level: Bac+5

Language(s) : French

Department : Management of INnovation and Digital (MIND)

  • Objectives

    The Innovation Management stream offers disciplinary courses aimed at providing students with knowledge and skills across the broad spectrum of innovation management. This ranges from the design to the marketing of innovative products as well as the modelling of information systems to their management in organisations. The objective is to enable students to understand all the dimensions of issues related to innovation management: commercial opportunities and new marketing positioning, potential management gains, financial issues, ethical and legal constraints, technical or legal risks, skills management and human resources issues, information and communication strategies to accompany this transition.

    The course is divided into two standard courses that provide specialization in the marketing of innovative products or in the management of information systems. Whatever the course, project management is naturally at the heart of the skills to be acquired so that the graduate is able to develop a complete solution to lead or accompany a profound change impacting all the company's management processes.

    The first year is spent in initial training, the second years are spent in initial training and work-linked training.

    Knowledge to be acquired

    In accordance with the requirements of the Master's degree in Innovation Management, the courses are structured around three associated areas: innovation, information systems and marketing.

    In the first year of the Master's degree, a strong base is made up of courses necessary for the management of innovation in companies, including the following modules:

    • Strategic management
    • Marketing and digital strategy
    • Surveys and data management
    • Innovation and digital

    Internships and supervised projects

    An internship in a company is compulsory in each of the two years of the course (for the Master 2 MISI course, students may be under a work-study contract; in this case, they are salaried and have an apprenticeship contract or a professionalization contract). For MPI it is 8 weeks in the first year.
    Several projects allow students to match their knowledge and skills.
    In Master 1, a tutored innovation project is developed throughout the year. It allows students to immerse themselves in the realisation of an innovative project and to confront each of the phases of this process, from the idea and definition of the concept of innovation to its realisation. Students will be coached by professionals (company managers) and teachers who are experts in the field of innovation.

  • Teachings

    Master 1 mention Innovation Management (60 credits)

    • Semester 1 M1 mention Innovation Management (30 credits)
    • Innovation (8 credits)
      • Start-up and business model
      • E-business
      • Innovation management
      • Digital project and marketing innovation lab - Phase 1
    • Marketing and digital strategy (6 credits)
      • Strategic Marketing
      • IS Management
    • Strategic Management (8 credits)
      • Advanced Strategy
      • Managing a company: Business game
      • Team and change management
    • Data and Process Modeling (8 credits)
      • Surveys and data analysis
      • Modeling and data management
      • Business Process Modeling
    • Support for innovation (6 credits)
      • Patent and contract law
      • English
      • Digital project and marketing innovation lab - Phase 2
    • Innovation and digital (10 credits)
      • Methodology for innovative projects
      • Digital communication
      • Web and digital tools
    • Internship and defense (6 credits)
    • Option: 1 EU to choose from 2 (8 credits)
    • Strategic management of IS (8 credits)
      • IS audit
      • Digital strategy and urbanization of the IS
    • Marketing of innovative products (8 credits)
      • International Marketing
      • Relationship marketing
  • Admission

    Who can apply?

    For entry into the first year, one of the following licenses: Management, Economics and Management, Economic and Social Administration, Economics, Law will be an asset.

    How to apply?

    Apply at the time of admission on the dedicated platform.

  • Practical information

    The first year of the Master in Innovation Management is common to both courses. Optional courses in the 2nd semester of Master 1 allow students to pre-orient themselves towards a course without this pre-orientation implying a definitive choice. The second year is specific to each of the two courses.
    This course is available in :

    • Initial training
    • Continuing education
    • Work-linked training: in M2
    • Training under professionalization contract and apprenticeship contract: in M2


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