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Studying as an exchange student

Cour FEG
  • Terms and conditions

    You wish to study at the University of Aix-Marseille, at the Faculty of Economics and Management (FEG)

    • With the ERASMUS+ exchange program (Europe)
    • With the BCI program (Quebec / Canada)
    • Within the framework of bilateral agreements (Argentina, Korea, USA, etc.)
    • Within the framework of the ISEP,

    Registration fees

    Registration and payment of fees at your home university is required. You remain a student of your home university and come to the University of Aix-Marseille to obtain a sufficient number of credits to complete your degree at your home university.
    Procedures Contact the international office of your home university to make sure that there is a partnership with our university and our faculty, then elaborate your project. The procedure to follow will be indicated to you by your home university.

    You must register on the page

    Course selection

    One of the key moments in the formation of your project is the creation of a list of courses that you want to take during your stay in Aix-Marseille. Aix-Marseille University offers many possibilities.

    In order to establish your Learning Agreement, you will find below the list of courses reserved for exchange students.

    This list is exhaustive and specific to exchange students. Courses and credits must be taken ONLY from this list.

    The links to the "classic" courses allow you to access the contents and programs of these courses but are there only as information for a global understanding of the pedagogy and the program as a whole.

    Make sure you choose at least 70% of your courses within the same program (e.g. 4 out of 5 courses in the Licence 3 IPBE)
    Please indicate the course code and title in the study plan you will send us.

    This Learning Agreement will be requested before being accepted by AMU. Your file will be evaluated and if the pedagogical advisor considers that you do not have the required level, he/she will ask you to change the chosen courses. You will not have an official appointment until the course choices are validated by AMU.

    Learning French

    The SUFLE - Service Universitaire de Français Langue Etrangère (University Service of French as a Foreign Language) offers you a wide range of courses according to your expectations and level (beginner, intermediate or advanced): short courses, semester courses and annual courses, summer courses, preparation for the D.E.L.F and D.A.L.F diplomas or for the T.C.F test.
    As an exchange student (from B1 level), you can take a French course for one semester which corresponds to 3 ECTS credits.
    Students who are beginners in French (level lower than B1) will have to pay the registration fee for this course (about 100 euros/semester).

    For international students (ex ERASMUS), the information to register at SUFLE will be given to you before your arrival (June for students arriving in September and December for students arriving in January).

    You will have to take a test via a link that will be provided to you to determine your level.

    The SUFLE courses taken in this procedure can be registered in your learning agreement and open to 6 ECTS credits.

    They are generally given at the end of the day. They can be given in Aix-en-Provence or in Marseille.

    Unfortunately, places are not guaranteed as the number of places is limited!

    Transcripts or TOR

    Transcripts are only available at the end of the semester once ALL the grades for ALL the courses chosen by the exchange students have been transmitted by the professors.

    This can take until March for the fall semester and July for the spring semester.

    Health insurance/liability

    Erasmus+ exchange students must come with their European health insurance card.
    For all exchange students, it is mandatory to have a civil liability insurance in France. In case you do not have one, you will have to pay about 15 euros to subscribe to a civil liability insurance that will be valid during your stay.

  • Academic Calendar

    The first semester begins the first week of September and ends by Christmas.
    The 2nd semester begins the first week of January and ends on June 30th.
    The exact dates of the beginning and end of the semester may vary each year, so you are invited to arrive in Aix en Provence on September 1st (if you are coming for the 1st semester or the academic year) or on January 2nd (if you are coming for the 2nd semester).

    For 2022/2023 here is the provisional calendar

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