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Foreign student holding a foreign diploma

FOREIGN STUDENT (Outside the European Union, European Economic Area, Andorra or Swiss Confederation) TITLE OF A FOREIGN DIPLOMA (excluding exchange programme)

Files sent directly to the managers, out of procedure, are not studied!


  • All students must be in possession of a "student" visa before their arrival in France; any regularization in France of a tourist visa is impossible. For all the formalities, consult the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, section "Studying in France".
  • A good knowledge of the French language is required except for countries where French is the official language.

Information on tests and diplomas in French as a foreign language :

Consult Etudes en France and if you reside in France the Centre International d'Etudes Pédagogiques.

The levels required are : TCF and TEF level 4 minimum, DELF B2, DALF C.

Admission procedures

  • Student wishing to enroll in Licence 1

    You are a Foreign Student who is not a citizen of the EU, the E.E.E., the Swiss Confederation, Monaco and Andorra AND you have a Diploma giving access to European higher education or a Foreign Diploma from outside the EU or an International Baccalaureate.

    You must apply for prior admission (DAP). Please note that this particular procedure begins in mid-November of the year preceding the desired entry into our faculty. It ends in mid-January.

  • Student wishing to enrol in Licence 2, Licence 3, Licence 3 Management, Professional Licence or Master's Degree

    • You are of foreign nationality and reside in one of the following countries with the CEF (Centre d'Etudes en France) procedure:

    Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Argentina, Benin, Brazil, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cameroon, Chad, Chile, China, Colombia, Comoros, Cong, Democratic Republic of Congo, Djibouti, Egypt, Gabon, Guinea, India, Indonesia, Iran, Japan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Madagascar, Mali, Mauritius, Mauritania, Mexico, Morocco, Niger, Nigeria, Peru, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Togo, Tunisia, Turkey, United States and Vietnam.

    You must make an online application for admission on the "Espace Etudes en France ": This is a system that allows candidates for studies in France to benefit from support and advice for all their procedures up to the visa application. The candidate opens an account from the "Etudes en France" website of his or her country of residence and follows a dematerialized procedure that allows him or her to make training requests. The file is only processed electronically, you do not have to take any direct steps with the faculty. The procedures follow a very strict schedule.

    Please note that some training courses require you to provide, in addition to the usual supporting documents, results for certain tests. Please consult the training course pages.

    • You are of foreign nationality and reside in a country outside the CEF (Centre d'Etudes en France) system.

    You must follow the general admission procedure and contact the cultural service of the French embassy or consulate in your country of residence as soon as possible. The application for a student visa will be made through this service. The procedures follow a very strict schedule.

    • If you are a foreign national, resident in France and hold a foreign higher education diploma, please contact the cultural service of the French embassy or consulate in your country of residence.

    You will be subject to an application procedure that varies according to the desired entry level. You must fill in an application form via e-candidate application

Droits d'inscription différenciés pour les étudiants hors Union Européenne

La politique d'exonération partielle votée par le Conseil d'Administration d'Aix-Marseille Université évolue pour la rentrée 2022-2023.

L’arrêté du 19 avril 2019 définit les droits d'inscription dans les établissements publics d'enseignement supérieur et prévoit notamment des montants annuels de droits d'inscription différents pour les étudiants extra-communautaires de ceux appliqués aux étudiants français et intracommunautaire. (Pour connaître les montants des droits d'inscription différenciés, consultez la page Droits d'inscription.)

Une exonération partielle des droits est toutefois possible pour les étudiants répondant à certains critères détaillés.


Whatever your situation, your registration will only be definitive after the administrative registration, which alone confers the status of student, and on condition that you satisfy all the administrative formalities.

Please note that the registration calendar is strict and courses start at the beginning of September.