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M2 Human Resources Management | Corporate Social Responsibility Pathway (CSR)


Teaching method: Initial training, Continuing education or Work-linked training

Location : Marseille

Type of degree: Master

Duration of studies: 2 years

Output level: Bac+5

Language(s) : French

Department : Management Culture and Territories

  • Objectives

    The professional master's degree combines HR skills with those of corporate social responsibility and sustainable development. It was created in September 2013 and has been listed in the Eduniversal ranking of the best French CSR Masters since 2016 ( It welcomes students in initial training and continuing education (CPF, VAE, professionalization and apprenticeship contracts) wishing to combine HR and CSR skills.

    At the end of the course, graduates will know :

    The skills are set out in a portfolio of competences implemented both in the context of the theoretical courses and the internship. They are evaluated through case studies, files, written and oral simulations in French and English.

    • Design a company strategy integrating CSR and sustainable development objectives and practices.
    • Designing and piloting a CSR policy
    • Design and implement a responsible human resources management policy
    • Conducting an ethical policy of change
    • Stimulating and supporting innovation and digital transformation
    • Designing and managing projects
    • Understanding and making good use of the legal framework for CSR
  • Teachings

    Master 2 HRM Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Course Semester 3 M2 HRM Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Course

    • Corporate Social Responsibility and Issues (6 credits)
      • CSR Law and Standards
      • Risk Management
    • Strategic Management (6 credits)
      • Strategic Management
      • Strategic management and CSR
    • Human Resources Management and CSR (6 appropriations)
      • Employment law
      • Equality, diversity, diversity
      • Responsible HR Policies
    • Responsible Business and Change Management (3 credits)
      • Change management
      • Ethics and CSR in business
    • Responsible Management (6 credits)
      • Reporting and social commitment
      • Responsible Management
    • Innovation, sustainable development and CSR (3 credits)
      • Human Resources and Digital
      • Communication, innovation management

    Master 2 HRM Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Course Semester 4 M2 HRM Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Course

    • Option: A list to choose from 2 (30 credits)
    • Classical training (30 credits)
    • Project management, memory, languages (30 credits)
      • Methodology, corporate mission, dissertation
      • English
      • Project Management
    • Alternation (30 credits)
    • Understanding Business Behaviour (3 credits)
      • Understanding corporate behaviour
    • Project management, memory and languages (27 credits)
      • Methodology, corporate mission, dissertation
      • English
      • Project Management
  • Admission - Second Year

    Who can apply?

    Students who have validated the FEG M1 HRM are admitted by right to one of the courses of the mention open to initial or continuing education according to their wishes and the capacity of reception.

    The HR CSR course is primarily aimed at candidates with a background in management sciences, but other profiles are also sought, in particular Law, Social Psychology, Political Science and Management.

    Access to Master 2: Hold a Master 1 or an equivalent degree. For holders of a Bac+2 diploma or a licence (Bac+3), admission will be subject to a request for Validation of Professional Experience (VAP).

    How to apply?

    Apply at the time of admission on the dedicated platform.

    For continuing education, candidates are invited to submit their applications to the Continuing Education Department of the Faculty of Economics and Run-of-river Management, throughout the year, in order to request financial support for their training before the start of the courses.

  • Practical information

    The Master's degree is based at LEST, UMR 7317 AMU-CNRS, a multidisciplinary laboratory (management sciences, economics, sociology, political science, law) whose main research focuses are the study of transformations in work and organizations and employment and human resources management practices. A significant proportion of the teachers in the HRM specialization are members of LEST, which allows a real proximity and mutual enrichment between teaching and research.

    This training is available in :

    • Initial training
    • Continuing education
    • Work-linked training
    • Apprenticeship training
    • Training under a professionalization contract

    Mandatory M2 internship of at least 5 months or civic service.

    Courses in Marseille at the FEG (Ilôt Bernard du Bois site) on Monday, Tuesday and Saturday mornings, combining theoretical lessons and seminars by HR and CSR professionals. Face-to-face courses organized around thematic sessions combining theoretical concepts, case studies and thematic presentations. Some of the lectures are given in English. Mooc and thematic e-learning as well as situation setting and restitution from cases (inductive approach).

  • What's next?

    Professional opportunities :

    Targeted occupations :

    NSF domains :

    • Economic and social sciences applied to planning and development, territorial administration, trade, social relations and human resources, finance
    • Human Resources, Employment Management
    • Human resources, personnel management, work organisation (control-prevention)

    PhD Candidate

    For those who wish to pursue a doctorate, it is possible to do so.


Pedagogical Manager

Senior Lecturer | Gender Equality and Anti-discrimination Officer

Administrative Manager

Administrative Manager Training - TCM