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Master 1 Human Resources Management


Teaching method: Initial training, Continuing education or Work-linked training

Location : Marseille

Type of degree: Master

Duration of studies: 2 years

Output level: Bac+5

Language(s) : French

Department : Management Culture and Territories

  • Objectives

    This Master's degree brings together 6 standard courses allowing students to acquire a set of general and specific skills adapted to the different professional outlets in the field of human resources management.

    The M1 initial training is common to the 4 M2 courses open to initial training (OTRH, Talents, CSR and SSE). An optional teaching unit in the S2 of the M1 allows a pre-orientation towards the M2 pathways outside the Coaching in Organizations and Management of Care Teams pathways which are specific to continuing education trainees.

    M1 offers a specific path for continuing education trainees. The course is organised on a work-study basis and is adapted to the characteristics of this group, with, in particular, flexible working hours compatible with maintaining a professional activity. It is also open to trainees wishing to follow the training within the framework of professionalization contracts.

    The aim of the disciplinary teaching provided in the six standard courses is to provide students with complementary analytical and conceptual tools and to enable them to acquire and deepen their knowledge in the following areas: team management, people development, evolution and ways of exercising the HR function; functioning of the labour market; dynamics of organisations, organisation of social relations; skills management and reforms of professional training; responsible management; coaching; change management.

  • Teachings

    There are two programs: Mixed group option and FA/FC group option.

    Master 1 HRM - Mixed Group Option Semester 1 M1 mention HRM - Mixed Group Option

    • Human resources management 1 (6 appropriations)
    • Strategy and Management (6 credits)
      • Transversal management
      • Major contemporary issues and corporate strategy
    • Organization and Human Behaviour (6 credits)
      • Management and organisational behaviour
      • Organizational Theories
    • Labour Law (6 credits)
    • English 1 (3 credits)
    • Quantitative methods (3 credits)

    Master 1 HRM - Mixed Group Option Semester 2 M1 mention HRM - Mixed Group Option

    • Human Resources Management 2 (6 appropriations)
      • Human Resources Management
      • Human resources management
    • Social relations and labour economics (8 appropriations)
      • Social relations
      • Labour economics
    • Project and professionalization (10 credits)
    • English 2 (3 credits)
    • 1 EU to choose from 4 (3 credits)
    • Social and solidarity economy organizations (3 credits)
    • HR, Labour and Organization Consulting (3 credits)
    • Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development (3 credits)
    • Human Resources Development (3 appropriations)

    Master 1 HRM - Option FA/FC specific group Semester 1 M1 mention HRM - Option FA/FC specific group

    • Human resources management 1 (6 appropriations)
    • English (3 credits)
    • Quantitative methods (3 credits)
    • Labour Law (6 credits)
    • Management (6 credits)
      • Management of people and teams
      • Major contemporary management issues
    • Organizational theory (6 credits)

    Master 1 HRM - Option FA/FC specific group Semester 2 M1 mention HRM - Option FA/FC specific group

    • Project and Professionalization (12 credits)
      • Project Management
      • Professionalization / Competency Booklet
    • Social relations and labour economics (8 appropriations)
      • Social relations
      • Labour economics
    • Human Resources Management 2 (10 credits)
      • Human Resources Management
      • Human resources management
      • Human Resources Development
  • Admission - First Year

    Who can apply?

    This master's degree is aimed at students with a degree in management, economics, AES, law, sociology, psychology who want to train in the various professions of team management and human resources management.

    In continuing education, it is intended for employees and job seekers who wish to reorient or specialize in one of the management and HRM professions. It is also aimed at students who wish to pursue a work-study program (under an apprenticeship or professionalization contract) in the field of human resources.

    How to apply?

    Apply at the time of admission on the dedicated platform.

  • Practical information

    The Master 1 courses are in Marseille. In M1, the internship is not compulsory but many M1 students do optional internships. Students carry out a tutored project.

    This training is available in :

    • Initial training
    • Continuing education
    • Work-linked training
    • Apprenticeship training
    • Training under a professionalization contract

    The Master's degree is based at LEST, UMR 7317 AMU-CNRS, a multidisciplinary laboratory (management sciences, economics, sociology, political science, law) whose main research focuses are the study of transformations in work and organizations and employment and human resources management practices. The links between HRM courses and the socio-economic world are long-standing and close, and the teaching staff of the HRM specialization is constantly seeking to deepen and broaden these links. This course benefits from a close partnership with professional associations, in particular the GARF (group of training managers) and the ANDRH (national association of human resources managers).

    Teacher-researchers are particularly involved in socio-economic networks and many practitioners are involved in the Master's courses. The mobilization of former graduates also helps to maintain these links. These links will be strengthened in the coming years. In particular, this involves the creation of a "Master RH AMU" group on Linkedin, which brings together students and graduates of the Master's degree.

    Students can spend a semester of the M1 in a foreign university as part of exchange programs. An agreement between AMU and COLEF (Mexico) was signed in 2015, the aim of which is to support the mobility of master's and doctoral students between the two institutions.


Pedagogical Manager

Senior Lecturer | Gender Equality and Anti-discrimination Officer

Pedagogical Manager


Administrative Manager (M1 Initial Training)

Administrative Manager Training - TCM

Administrative Manager (M1 Continuing Education)

Administrative Manager Training | Gender Equality and Anti-Discrimination Referent