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DCGU - University Diploma in Accounting and Management

Type of education: Initial training, continuing training or work-linked training

Location: Aix en Provence, Marseille

Type of diploma : DESU Graduate degree

Duration of studies : 2 years

Output level : DCG

Language(s): French

Department: Finance Accounting Audit FCA

  • Objectives

    The objective of this training is to prepare in two years for the teaching units of the Diploma of Accounting and Management (DCG), a state diploma at bachelor level. It also leads to a university diploma (DCGU).

    This training enables students to obtain basic knowledge in the fields of accounting, corporate finance and management control. The students will be able to manage client files in a firm as well as complete bookkeeping in a small business.

    The DCG provides access to positions of responsibility in the accounting professions.

    The compulsory internship lasts at least 8 weeks. It must be completed in an accounting firm or in the accounting and financial departments of a company, a public authority or an association.

    The diploma, based on a national programme, corresponds to a level of qualification that is appreciated by employers and offers clearly identified professional opportunities in the accounting professions.

    Holders of the DCGU may work as a chartered accountant or auditor, head of an accounting department, chief accountant of SMEs, junior management controller or financial or legal adviser.

    It is therefore a diploma that allows you to enter the job market, but it is also the first step in the Accounting and Management studies towards the DSCG (Higher Diploma in Accounting and Management) and then the DEC (Diploma of Chartered Accountant).

    The Faculty of Economics and Management has longstanding partnerships with ANECS Provence (National Association of Trainee Accountants of Provence), the Order of Chartered Accountants and collaborations with many accounting firms in the PACA region, the integration of students in companies is very favoured.

  • Teachings

    • Corporate Law
    • Employment law
    • Tax Law
    • Corporate Finance
    • Management
    • In-depth accounting
    • Controlling
    • English
  • Admission

    Who can apply?

    The diploma is open to people in Initial Training and to people in Continuing Training who are looking for a job, on individual training leave or returning to school. The training can also be followed within the framework of a professionalization contract with a company.

    How to apply?

    The course is open to holders of a BTS CGO, a DUT GEA Finance-Accounting and the first year DCG.
    The selection is based on a dossier.

  • Practical information

    The total number of teaching weeks in the training is 62 weeks. This two-year organisation is adapted to the rhythm and volume of the proposed EUs. Experience has shown that students need two years to prepare the EUs making up the DCG in good conditions.

    The DCGU prepares students for eight teaching units organised over two years as follows:

    Odd year:

    • EU 4: Tax Law
    • EU 10: In-depth accounting
    • EU 11: Management control
    • EU 12: English

    Even-numbered year :

    • EU 2: Company law
    • EU 3: Social law
    • UE 6: Corporate Finance
    • UE 7: Management

    The organization of the training offers students a sustained preparation for the DCG exams by proposing :

    • Supervised homework (four one-hour assignments per unit).

    Two examination periods allowing, on the one hand, the validation of the DCGU and, on the other hand, training for the DCG tests.


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