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Professional Bachelor's degree Management and accounting, client portfolio manager in a consulting firm

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Type of training: Initial training, continuing training or work-linked training

Location: Marseille

Duration of teaching : 1 year

Output level : License

  • Objectives

    The professional licence "Management and accounting professions, client portfolio manager in an accounting firm" aims at professional integration in the field of Management-Accounting-Finance. The training allows, on the one hand, to acquire knowledge and techniques in accounting and administrative management and, on the other hand, to develop skills in the management of client portfolios in accounting firms.

    The professional licence aims to train employees of accounting firms capable of carrying out the missions of monitoring and accompanying accounting, financial, social, legal and tax for the clients of the firm. Graduates occupy the following positions in an accounting firm: Assistant to an accounting firm, accounting assistant, or in a company (accounting assistant in a company, administrative and financial manager in a small and medium-sized enterprise (SME)).

    At the end of the training, graduates will know how to :

    • Process and control all accounting operations
    • Drawing up tax and social security declarations
    • Ensuring ongoing legal obligations
    • Ensuring customer relations by integrating support and consulting functions
    • Carrying out a professional project
    • Demonstrate the skills of a collaborator in an accounting firm
  • Teachings

    • Year Licence Pro Client Portfolio Manager in a consulting firm (60 credits)
    • Semester 1 Licence Pro Client portfolio manager in a consulting firm (30 credits)
    • Process and control all accounting operations (12 appropriations)
      • Accounting
      • Editing techniques
      • Drawing up summary documents
    • Drawing up tax and social declarations - level 1 (6 credits)
      • VAT and indirect taxes
      • Personal Income Taxation
      • Taxation of business results
    • Ensuring customer relations (12 credits)
      • Financial Analysis
      • Search for financing and cash management
      • Controlling / Business Creation
      • Written and oral communication
      • Presentation of the profession and job of client portfolio manager
      • New technologies
    • Business English
    • Semester 2 Licence Pro Client portfolio manager in a consulting firm (30 credits)
    • Drawing up tax and social declarations - level 2 (6 credits)
      • Social Law - Labour Regulation
      • Payroll taxes
      • Payroll and termination of employment
    • Meeting ongoing legal obligations (6 credits)
      • Reminders of Law
      • Management of the legal file
      • Legal Secretariat
    • Leading a professional project (8 credits)
    • Demonstrate the skills of an accounting firm employee (10 credits)
      • Professional activity in a company
  • Admission

    Who can apply?

    Holder of a Bac +2 diploma (BTS, DUT, L2 EG, L2 AES...) in the field of accounting. It is possible to apply by requesting a validation of professional experience (VAP).

    How to apply?

    • Initial training - applications are made via the e-Candidate platform. When applying, please consult our website, section"Applications and Registration".
    • Continuing education, including professionalization contracts - students can apply all year round, as they go along, in order to prepare the financing file for their training in the best possible conditions. The application file can either be downloaded from the FEG website under "Applications and Registrations" and sent by mail to the training secretariat or directly collected from the training secretariat.
  • Practical information

    Group work throughout the year. This work consists of research, documentation, surveys and analysis. Each group is accompanied by a tutor throughout the project. The project work is the subject of a written report and an oral defense before a jury.

    • All students have a period in a company which takes place within the framework of an internship, a professionalization contract or a salaried activity.
    • Lectures: 330 hours
    • Tutorial: 120 hours
    • Internship: 13 weeks

    Teaching methods :

    • Courses and practical exercises in the form of course/TD sessions.
    • Inductive pedagogical approach. Group work on concrete cases and identification of key concepts.
    • Interventions by professionals in the field on professional practices.

    The training takes place on a sandwich course basis.


Pedagogical Manager

Associate Professor

Administrative Manager

Administrative Training Manager


14 rue Puvis de Chavannes

13001 Marseille

tel: 04 91 14 08 72