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L3 Economics Management - International program in business and economics course (IPBE)

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Teaching method: Initial training

Location : Aix-en-Provence

Type of diploma: Bachelor's degree

Duration of studies : 3 years

Output level: Bac +3

Language(s): French

Department: License

  • Objectives

    The IPBE course of the Economics and Management Degree offers the acquisition of a real field of expertise in economics and management, combining reflection and technicality.

    It studies the determinants of the positioning of firms on the markets and the mobilisation of their resources within the framework of their value creation policy. The courses in economics, management and serious games are taught entirely in English. It provides for one semester of study at the FEG, in semester 5 or semester 6, and one semester of compulsory international mobility within a partner institution.

    The IPBE course develops four skills in the third year of the bachelor's degree:

    • Analysing the decisions and behaviour of economic agents,

    L3: Understand the choices of firms in relation to their structure, management and market relationships,

    • Identify the environment of markets, firms and organizations :

    L3: Understand the competitive interplay in markets,

    • Developing and implementing strategies :

    L3: conduct a strategy taking into account the nature of the markets,

    • Conducting data analysis :

    L3: Select the appropriate statistical method for decision-making purposes.

  • Teachings

    • Licence 3 Economics and management course type International Program in Business and Economics (IPBE) (60 credits)
    • Semester 5 L3 Economics and Management International Program in Business and Economics (IPBE) (30 credits)
    • Advanced statistics (6 credits)
    • English for business 1 (4 credits)
    • 5 EUs to choose from 7 (20 credits)
    • Business economics (4 credits)
    • Managing global organizations (4 credits)
    • European competition policy (4 credits)
    • International trade (4 credits)
    • International marketing (4 credits)
    • Business game (4 credits)
    • Project management (4 credits)
    • Semester 6 L3 Economics and Management International Program in Business and Economics (IPBE) (30 credits)
    • Marketing research (6 credits)
    • English for business 2 (4 credits)
    • Marketing research (6 credits)
    • English for business 2 (4 credits)
    • 5 EUs to choose from 7 (20 credits)
    • Network organizations (4 credits)
    • Managing the innovation process (4 credits)
    • Labor market analysis (4 credits)
      • Labor market analysis
    • Corporate financial management (4 credits)
      • Corporate financial management
    • International finance (4 credits)
    • Competition and Strategic Behaviour (4 credits)
    • Public Economics (4 credits)
  • Admission

    Who can apply?

    Validated L2 level (economics, economics-management, DUT, BTS, CPGE) for direct entry into L3 after examination of the application by the authorised teaching committee.

    For a direct entry in L3: Mastery of L1-L2 programs in economics and management in Macroeconomics (closed/open economy, fixed/flexible prices, fixed/flexible exchange rates), Microeconomics (consumer, producer, equilibrium), Mathematics (analysis, linear algebra), probabilities and statistics (descriptive, inferential).

    For the students coming from the first two years of the Bachelor of Economics and Management, the registration to the courses of the Cursus International proposed in L1 and L2 will be taken into account in the examination of the files.

    Due to a limited number of places for international mobility, applications are submitted for selection by a teaching committee for holders of a validated level of L2 in Economics and Management, DUT, BTS or CPGE.

    How to apply?

    Apply at the time of admission on the dedicated procedure.

  • International Mobility

    In this course, you are obliged to leave to pursue your studies abroad, in the first or second semester.

  • Practical information

    Optional and enhanced internships are possible in each year of the Bachelor of Economics and Management.

    Tutored projects and independent work, alone or in groups, are proposed every semester and contribute to the evaluation of the skills acquired during the training.

  • What's next?

    The IPBE course offers a continuation of studies in Masters in Economics or Management, of the following types: Masters in Economics; Business and Market Economics; Finance; Production Management, Logistics, Purchasing; Human Resources Management; Management of Territories and Local Development; International Trade Management; Innovation Management.


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Administrative Manager

Nébia Osmani - -

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Class of 2020-2021
After two years of studies in economics and management at the FEG in Marseille, Zakaria discovered the L3 IPBE during a presentation of the third year degree courses. During his third year of the IPBE degree, Zakaria did an exchange semester in Tallin, Estonia, allowing him to open up to the international scene.