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Bachelor's Degree in Economic and Social Administration - 1st year

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Teaching method: Initial training or Continuing education

Location : Aix en Provence, Marseille

Type of diploma: Bachelor's degree

Duration of studies : 3 years

Output level: Bac +3

Language(s): French

Department: License

  • Objectives

    The Bachelor's degree in Economic and Social Administration (AES) directs students towards the private or public sectors. It aims at the acquisition of knowledge and skills specific to business and the functioning of public organizations.

    Multidisciplinarity is the hallmark of the AES degree compared to the other Bachelor degrees of the Faculty of Economics and Management (FEG). It is expressed through academic teaching, written and oral expression methodologies and also through the tools developed with the students during the three years.

    This learning of multidisciplinarity is a real asset for the continuation of studies in Master and for professional integration. The AES Bachelor's degree aims to closely associate knowledge in economics, law, management and social sciences, and focuses precisely on the mutual and complementary contributions provided by these disciplines. Multidisciplinarity goes hand in hand with methodological requirements specific to each of the disciplines.

    Finally, since the reform of health studies, within this Bachelor's degree, you can follow a course with a minor health option: " the Bachelor's degree with Health Access Option (LAS) ", which allows you to apply for the health fields that interest you and integrate a 2nd year of health or continue your Bachelor's degree.

  • Teachings - First Year

    In the first year of the bachelor's degree, in the first semester, in order to open you up to all possible teaching perspectives in economics and management, we propose a common course of study with the other Economics and Management majors, then a common core specific to AES studies, in the second semester to ensure progressive specialisation.

    Semester 1 Licence 1 AES - Common Portal AES-ECO GESTION - MANAGEMENT

    • Modelling economic behaviour 1 (8 cr) :
    • Mathematics 1
    • Microeconomics 1
    • Organizational Environment (8 cr) :
    • Introduction to Law
    • Political Institutions
    • Contemporary economic problems
    • Organizational Management (6 cr) :
    • Theories of management
    • Introduction to management
    • Applied Social Science Statistics (8 cr) :
    • Statistical techniques
    • Statistical approach to economic and social issues
    • Documentary methodology
    • Additional teaching 1
    • Cursus international 1
    • Topics in economics
    • Engineering curriculum 1
    • Logic

    Semester 2 Licence 1 AES

    • Economic, Political and Social History (8 cr) :
    • History of political and social life
    • History of Economic Thought
    • Functions and obligations of the company (8 cr) :
    • Introduction to Accounting
    • Company law
    • Microeconomics of the enterprise
    • Economic and social behaviour (8 cr) :
    • Macroeconomics
    • Introduction to Social Sciences
    • Analysis and restitution (6 cr) :
    • Economic English
    • Information technology (office automation)
    • Statistical analysis
    • Additional EU :
    • Preparation for IEP 2 competitions
    • General knowledge and training for competitions 2

    Teaching methods

    Lectures are given in lectures as well as tutorials in small groups. In face-to-face or distance learning.

    Optional courses are possible in the first year of the Licence.

  • Admission - First Year

    Who can apply?

    The AES Licence welcomes bachelors who are attracted by the multidisciplinary nature of the training, and who show a particular interest in economic, social and managerial issues. It also welcomes students from CPGE, CPES, DUT or BTS wishing to continue their higher education with a Master's degree or planning to prepare for a civil service competitive examination.

    Tuition fees

    For the year 2021 in license: 170 euros

    Prior to your registration at the faculty, you must pay the "Contribution Vie Etudiante et de Campus" (CVEC) to the CROUS, it is a compulsory step to register for higher education. It applies to all students enrolled in initial training and apprenticeships. Its amount is set at 92€ for the year 20/21.

    How to apply?

    Admission is done through the Parcoursupplatform.

    If you wish to redirect yourself after a first semester started elsewhere, by applying for a reorientation, contact the school: or

  • International Mobility

    Numerous international agreements allow each year AES students to spend one or two semesters of their third year of studies in a foreign university: in Europe (Civis, Erasmus+), Asia, South America and North America within the framework of programmes or bilateral agreements.

    To apply for the 3rd year, apply for the 2nd year Bachelor's degree!

  • Practical information

    Date of re-entry / pre-entry

    September 2021

    Teaching locations in L1

    Aix-en-Provence or in Marseille, according to the student's choice: Campus addresses

    Study facilities

    Study arrangements (in the form of a 4-year bachelor's degree) and support for success in various forms (comprehension workshops, problem-solving workshops, additional tutorials, etc.) are offered to students as soon as they apply to Parcoursup (YES-IS admission).

    If you are a high-level athlete, an entrepreneur, an artist, a change in your schedule is possible to combine your passion and your studies, contact the school for this purpose!


    Show your commitment to a cause or choose an activity in the fields of culture, sport, knowledge enhancement, or entrepreneurship, which can earn you points by selecting a bonus!

    The bonus can reach a maximum of 0.5 points on the average of the semester.

    Methods of knowledge tests

    Login to INTRA to view the knowledge test procedures.


    If you wish to temporarily and voluntarily stop your studies, the "caesura"system is at your disposal.


Pedagogical managers

Chargée de Mission Innovation pédagogique
Maitre de conférences

Administrative managers

S2 L1 AES Aix-en-Provence, contact : Sandrine EL BEZE    - -

S2 L1 AES Marseille, contact : Iziana Aliaoui - -

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