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Congratulations to the winners of the "36h chrono"!

November 17 and 18
Gagnants feg 36h chrono

The 9th edition of the "36h chrono" took place on November 17th and 18th.

Among the many students of the FEG (AES EAPP, EMFO, Master EEM...) who participated, Ivan Kwatchou and Abdou-Baki YAYA Master in Business and Market Economics were part of the winning team.

A great success! Congratulations to them!

A big congratulations also to the 30 students of the FEG from the fields of Production Logistics and Purchasing Management (GPLA), Innovation Management, Economics and Management of Firms and Organizations (EMFO), Management and International Trade, Student Entrepreneur Diploma, FASHION, Economics - Management, MANAGEMENT, Accounting and Finance Management, Economics of the company and markets, AES Enterprise and Administration of SMEs-PMO (EAPP) who participated in the 36h chrono!