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M2 Statistical Econometrics | Research track


Teaching method: Initial training / Continuing education

Location : Marseille

Type of diploma: Master's

Length of studies: 2 years

Exit level: Bac+5

Language(s) : English

Department : Aix-Marseille School of Economics

  • Objectives, Skills

    This track provides students with general training in theory and methods of econometrics, as well as machine learning techniques and big data analysis. The track may lead to research or to performing econometric analyses.

    The teaching programme of this master’s track is aimed at better understanding and mastering the latest developments in econometric theory and its methods, as well as the theory of machine learning and big analysis. Students are initiated into research and develop their ability to define and conduct a research project in econometrics.

    Main professional skills targeted at the end of M2:

    • Ability to contribute to novel scientific output in econometrics, 
    • Ability to highlight the value of research results,

    • Expertise in an area of research in econometrics and data analysis

    This track if full English.

  • Career opportunities

    Students on this pathway are highly likely to enroll in AMSE's doctoral program or that of another university in France or abroad.

    Watch our alumni testimonials on Youtube.

  • Teaching

    The new course outlines are currently being validated by the university authorities. Minor changes may be made between now and the start of the new academic year in September 2024.

    There are two types of course: Classical OR Magistère ingénieur économiste

    Liste cours - Master Econométrie statistiques M2 Recherche classique.pdf Liste cours - Master Econométrie statistiques M2 Recherche Magistère.pdf
  • Teaching syllabus

    Syllabi will be available shortly.

  • Admission - Second year

    Who can apply?

    High-level training in theoretical and empirical economics, and in econometrics, is required for application.
    Priority access is afforded to M1 students from the Master's in Econometrics Statistics of the AMSE department at the Faculty of Economics and Management of Aix-Marseille University. However, parallel entry to M2 may be considered for students who have validated 60 credits of M1 level Economics in a course with a strong quantitative focus.

    How do I apply?

    Apply at the time of admissions on the dedicated platform.


  • Practical information

    Registration schemes :

    • Initial training.
    • Continuing education.

    The student's course ends with the writing of a research dissertation or the completion of an internship lasting at least three months. The dissertation is written under the supervision of an AMSE teacher-researcher or researcher.

    Study abroad and double degrees
    This program has been awarded the "Diplôme en Partenariat International (DPI)" label. Selected students spend their M1 year abroad at a partner university (Konstanz, Tübingen, Venice, Lisbon or Kent). They spend the M2 year in France and follow one of the M2 courses in the Econometrics and Statistics master's program. At the end of the two-year program, students are awarded two Master's degrees if they have validated the necessary credits.

    Training and research
    This master's program is part of the AMSE École Universitaire de Recherche (EUR), which brings together nearly a hundred researchers from AMU, CNRS, EHESS, ECM and Sciences Po Aix. Teachers are selected on the basis of their expertise within these entities. The teaching staff is complemented by professionals in the field.


Educational managers

University Professor
University Professor

Administrative Manager

Academic Studies Secretary AMSE
Diplômé en 2021
Data Scientist chez Ipsos
C’est utile d’avoir une multi-compétence qui va consister à savoir faire tout ce qui est programmation mais aussi l’interprétation et connaître les sujets sur lesquels on va travailler.
Diplômé en 2022
Data Scientist chez Nostrum Care
Dans ma formation, j’ai appris les techniques du Machine Learning.