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M2 Innovation Management | Digital strategies and management of digital innovations course


Teaching method: Initial training, sandwich course

Location : Aix-en-Provence

Type of diploma: Master's

Length of studies: 2 years

Exit level: Bac+5

Language(s) : French

Department : Innovation and Digital Management (MIND)

  • Objectives

    The Digital Strategies and Management of Digital Innovations program (formerly Innovation and Information Systems Management) in the Innovation Management master's program specializes in the development of corporate digital strategies and the management of digital innovation projects. It prepares students for managerial and consulting positions in the fields of digital project management and steering.

    In fact, with the skills acquired during their studies, graduates of this course will be able to support the "management level" (General Management, Information Systems Management) of a large company, SME or department, in its digital strategy.
    The issues at stake therefore concern the evolution of the Information System (IS), its transition to the Internet and mobile applications, the outsourcing of digital services in Cloud solutions, new forms of customer relations, e-business and e-marketing.

    With no technical prerequisites in IT, but with a scientific culture and a good capacity for analysis and synthesis, students will need to grasp all the dimensions of issues linked to Innovation and IS Management.

    On completion of the Master's program, graduates will be able to:

    • design, analyze and manage an organization's digital strategy
    • Define and manage the Information System and its projects
    • Define, manage and analyze information and its integrity
    • Design and manage digital innovations
    • Design and implement studies and research.
  • Teaching

    Master 2 MI Course: Digital strategies and management of digital innovations (60 credits)

    • Semester 3 M2 MI Information Systems and Innovation Management (MISI) (30 credits)
    • Project management and business development (8 credits)
      • Enterprise resource planning (ERP) and change management
      • IT project methodology
      • Agility, lean management and new forms of organization
    • Methodologies for action in organizations (6 credits)
      • Research methodology
      • Consulting methodology
    • Information quality and security (6 credits)
      • Building an IS quality management approach
      • IS security and risks
    • Decision support systems engineering (6 credits)
      • Decision support information systems
      • Business intelligence, big data and knowledge management
    • Internet, data and mobility (4 credits)
      • Value creation issues and strategies for websites, mobile applications and the cloud
      • Information lifecycle management
    • Semester 4 M2 MI Digital strategies and digital innovation management course (30 credits)
    • Support for digital innovation (6 credits)
      • IS financial evaluation
      • Ethics, information, media and Internet law
      • New trends in innovation and tools
    • Tutored project: development of an IT/IS innovation (6 credits)
    • In-company assignment (and report) or research dissertation (18 credits)
  • Admission

    Who can apply?

    Any student who has completed the first year of a Master 1 degree and has prior knowledge in information systems and innovation management, as well as in the development of corporate digital strategies.

    How do I apply?

    Apply at the time of admissions on the dedicated platform.

  • Practical information

    The first year of the Innovation Management Master's program is common to both programs. Optional courses in the 2nd semester of Master 1 enable students to pre-orientate themselves towards one of the tracks, without this pre-orientation implying a definitive choice. The second year is specific to each of the two tracks.

    The Master 2 Digital Strategies and Management of Digital Innovations course is organized on a sandwich basis (3 days at the company and 2 days at the university each week), and is open to students on apprenticeship or professionalization contracts.

    An in-company internship is compulsory in the second year for students who do not have in-company assignments, for the MISI course.

    Length of internship: 8 weeks of internship in 1st year and, in 2nd year, weekly alternation of 3 days at the company and 2 days at the university each week or (for students who do not follow a sandwich course) 16 weeks of internship.

    In addition, several projects enable students to match their knowledge and skills. In Master 1, a tutored innovation project is developed throughout the year. It enables students to immerse themselves in the realization of an innovative project, and to confront each phase of the process, from the idea and definition of the innovation concept to its realization. Students will be coached by professionals (company managers) and lecturers who are experts in the field of innovation.
    Similarly, in the second year of the Master's program, students are required to simulate the design and management of an innovation process in the field of information systems and digital technology. To do this, they will be accompanied by teachers and professionals (innovation department managers, incubator managers, etc.) with expertise in digital strategies and information systems management.

    Serious Games are used in certain courses to encourage greater student involvement and immersion.

    Teaching volume :

    • Lectures: 390 hours
    • Tutorial: 371 hours
    • Internship: 16 weeks

    This course is available in :

    • Initial training
    • Continuing education
    • Work-study programs: in M2
    • Professionalization and apprenticeship contracts: in M2
  • What next?

    Career opportunities :

    • Innovation management consultant
    • IT Assistant
    • IT project management assistant
    • Information systems strategy and management auditor
    • IS business and research manager
    • Product manager/product owner
    • Web product manager
    • Project manager: IS, digital marketing, web, e-services, e-commerce
    • Digital project manager
    • Community Manager.
    • IT integration and change management consultant
    • Marketing Consultant
    • Information Systems Consultant
    • Growth marketer
    • Sales manager
    • Market manager
    • Business information system manager (HRIS, Marketing IS, Accounting IS, etc.)
    • Marketing and web marketing manager
    • IS manager (IS security manager, IS planner/architect)


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