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Finding your way around FEG Aix-en-Provence

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  • Campus

    The Faculty of Economics and Management is located on several campuses and in several cities: in Aix, Marseille, Arles and Gap.

    The campuses in Aix where you will be working are those of the faculty or the surrounding faculties of our university:

    FEG campus Ferry (Amphis A and B, rooms)

    FEG campus Forbin (rooms)

    FDSP (Faculty of Law and Political Science)Pouillon building (Amphis Mistral, Dumas, Mirabeau, Pereisc, David -2nd floor) Portalis (Amphi Portalis + rooms, Espace Cassin (Amphi Favoreu) Espace Poncet (rooms).

    Faculty of Sciences at Montperrin (Amphi M, Amphi Boulan)

  • Time schedule

    Your timetables are on your digital work environment: ENT (your new "Atrium" in a way) as soon as you are registered administratively. A tutorial to understand how it works at a glance: https: //
    As long as you are not registered, you will not have access to these data which are only accessible on the intranet.
    However, don't worry, during the beginning of the school year and while waiting for everyone to be registered, I will put your timetables on the internet : here !
    Your timetables will also be posted in the corridors (in front of the timetable office, yellow corridor in Ferry) if you come to the campus.

    Mrs Samantha Ribot and Mrs Katia

    If you encounter any difficulties, if you have trouble understanding certain displays, if you cannot find your room, if your professor is absent, contact or visit the timetable office!

    Pre-reentry information

  • Contacts - schooling

    14, av Jules Ferry
    13621 Aix-en-Provence

    Head of office bachelor's studies: Véronique Marques -

    Aix Education Assistant, contact: Ulrika De Meyer - - 04 42 91 48 62

    L1 1st semester and 2nd semester
    L1 Division A and S2 L1 AES, contact: Sandrine El Beze - -
    L1 Division B and S2 Economy-Management / Management, contact: Cécile Bussière - -
    L1 PARI 1, contact: Cécile Bussière - -
    L1 LAS, contact: Sandrine El Beze - -

    L2 Economy-Management, contact: Laetitia Arnould - -
    L2 Management, contact: Laetitia Arnould - -
    L2 AES EAPP, contact: Anne Duvignage - -

    L3 Economy-Management - EMFO course, contact: Nébia LAKRIA - -
    L3 Economy-Management - IPBE course, contact: Nébia LAKRIA - -
    L3 Economy-Management - MACI course, contact: Nébia LAKRIA - -
    L3 AES EAPP, contact: Anne Duvignage - -
    L3 Management - MCF course, contact: Nébia LAKRIA - -
    L3 Management - Business Management course, contact: Nébia LAKRIA - -

    L1 - L2 - L3 MIASHS, contact: Annick Cappy

     AES educational managers:
        AES EAPP educational managers:
        AES SSP educational managers:
        AES GTDM educational managers:

    Double license-law-eco-management:


    Examinations department, contact: Laetitia Arnould - - - Anne Duvignage -

    CESURES, contact: Sandrine El Beze-
    Reimbursement of tuition fees Aix, contact: Annick Cappy - -
    Reimbursement of tuition fees Marseille, DAP Blanc-Vert Aix Marseille contact: Solange Chambon - -
    CPGE Aix / Marseille, contact: Solange Chambon - -

    The school welcomes you without an appointment, during opening hours.


  • Respect and Equality service

    This service is a place for listening, preventing, reporting and dealing with situations of violence and discrimination of all forms. It is a one-stop shop that offers staff and students comprehensive support for victims and witnesses in a friendly and confidential manner. Aix-Marseille University, strongly committed against violence and discrimination, is improving its prevention, reception and support system.

    Staff, students, you can contact the Respect and Equality service.

    Composed of 3 professional and expert staff, it works in close collaboration with the internal structures of the competent university but also with external partners such as the Defender of Rights, the Departmental House for the fight against discrimination and associations for the fight against LGBTIphobia. Contact by phone 04 13 550 550 or by email

    FEG referent, gender equality, fight against discrimination: Vanessa Di Paola -

  • BU

    You have access to all the BU of AMU. Go to the BU ! The BU is actually called the Service Commun de la Documentation, it's your own library, during your studies! These are cool places! You can read and work there, in reserved rooms where you can talk with your friends without disturbing the others!

    You have access to almost all the newspapers online (with your reader's account, on the ENT) and you can also consult them on the spot, don't limit yourself to the titles! Read all the economic news online and all the national and international news!

    Documentary research courses are given during your course, follow them, because they will open the doors to many interesting resources for your work, homework; you also have access to all the books that the teachers talk about in class!

  • Corporate Relations

    At the FEG, we cultivate relationships with companies on several levels. One of the challenges is to have you meet managers, to show you different sectors of activity by visiting companies, to give you an overview of the different professions to which our courses lead by participating in conferences on professions and to get you to think about and build your own professional project.

    There are manyactivities proposed by the Corporate Relations Office, enriched by the activities of Pépite Provence focused on entrepreneurship and our historical partner: the Rotary, as well as those of the SUIO. Take advantage of them without counting the cost!

  • International Relations

    In your first year you will not be able to go on exchange, nor in your second year, but in your third year: be prepared! Take the opportunity to inform yourself and prepare your file before your year of departure, go to meetings, exchange with exchange students... project yourself before leaving!

    The principle of the exchange is that you continue your studies in another European or international faculty with whom we exchange students, who come to continue their studies in our faculty. You pay nothing but your AMU registration fees. You are accompanied and supervised by AMU and by your host institution. "What-else?"

  • Preventive medicine - health

    During your studies do not neglect your health! We give you the means to do so by accompanying you throughout your life as a student, thanks to a medical staff dedicated to this, within the university but also outside, thanks to a network of general practitioners to guarantee access to local care, mutualist centres... everything you need to take care of yourself, which is a great and beautiful responsibility!

    At your disposal:
    Free service,
    open without interruption
    from 8am to 4:30pm
    Monday to Friday
    - Secretaries, Nurses, Doctors
    and according to the time slots: Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Sophrologists, Dentists

    SIUMPPS Aix-en-Provence
    Le Cube building
    29 avenue Robert Schuman
    13621 Aix-en-Provence cedex 1
    04 13 94 22 80

  • BVE - Disability Unit

    Aix-Marseille University's disability mission welcomes and supports students with disabilities. It offers measures adapted to each student.

    To benefit from accommodations for your studies and/or exams, contact the Disability Mission on your campus as soon as possible, as well as the school.

    Mission Handicap - Aix-en-Provence campus

    • Le Cube" building, Faculty of Arts, Languages and Human Sciences
      29 av Robert Schuman, 13621 Aix-en-Provence cedex 1
    • Contacts
    • tel : 04 13 94 22 77

    Referent :

    • Sonia MARTIN : 04 13 94 22 70
  • Bonus and commitment

  • Coaching


    • F.E.G. students
    • F.E.G. graduates looking for a job
    • F.E.G. graduates in a professional situation


    • Because students have a major project they want to talk about
    • Because students have learning difficulties
    • Because students do not have a clear professional project
    • Because students lack professional experience and are apprehensive about the last semester's internship
    • Because young graduates looking for a job don't know how to go about it
    • Because recent graduates in a professional situation find themselves at a loss when faced with situations requiring behavioural skills


    • In order to acquire know-how and interpersonal skills (to get to know oneself and become who one is!)
    • To benefit from one's experiences: by becoming aware of one's strengths and areas for improvement
    • To feel supported in case of difficulty or for the implementation of a project
    • To be accompanied in the elaboration of answers, solutions, in direct link with lived situations.
    • To continue to learn


    Stanie Louarn welcomes you all year round in private sessions according to her schedule and yours for 3 to 5 sessions according to your requests. The students of the Master Coaching of the faculty can also accompany you, for that contact Anne-Caroline Vivet, coach and speaker at the FEG.

    Master Coaching students


    • Voluntary coaching
    • Coaching framed by a contract defining
      • the ethical and deontological framework
      • practical details: number and duration of sessions, location, frequency
      • the request and the objectives
      • the indicators of success
      • the deontological charter
    • Supervised coaching
  • Culture

    Our university, socially committed, intends to give pride of place to the arts and culture with a dedicated "Culture and Society" department.
    The cultural policy of our institution is divided into three parts:
    - Attractiveness and living together.
    - Transmission Student life and citizenship
    - Research training and interdisciplinarity.

    Make the most of these years of university to cultivate yourself, even if, without a doubt, you will not have enough time to do everything! Your student card allows you to obtain many discounts, toparticipate in many artistic activities on campus, which are subsidized like sports, but also toparticipate in artistic ensembles, treat yourself!

  • Sport

    Even if you are not looking to build muscle or perform, think sport, simply to feel good or to discover activities that you have not yet dared to try.

    If you want to do sports at the FEG, go to the siteSPORT SUAPS AMU and choose an activity.

    Registration for sport from the start of the school year:

    REGISTRATION OPEN: THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 15, don't forget your Medical Certificate Classes resume on Monday, September 19!

    Have a great sporting year!


    Practice an activity and get a sport bonus

    If I regularly practice an activity, I can obtain bonus points that will be added to my semester average: 0 - 0.2 - 0.35 - 0.5 points (depending on the criteria established) in Bachelor 1, 2, 3 and Master 1.

    I choose an activity, I register, via the SUAPS AMU SPORT website, in the "bonus" slot that interests me and I go to the first class.

    Practice a leisure activity

    • I can practice a leisure activity for my well-being or to discover a sport during all the years of my university course.
    • I must register, via the SPORT SUAPS AMU website, in the "packsport" slot I am interested in and I go to the first class.

    To practice an activity in university competition with my component

    I can take part in a university competition activity with my FEG component (I will have to take out an FFSU licence at the sports office of my FEG component and provide a medical certificate of fitness for competitive sports).

    Thanks to this practice I can also obtain asport bonus(according to the established criteria)

    Even if I am already a member of a federal club, I can also take part in university competitions which take place only on weekday evenings.)

    The packsports plus

    If I am very motivated, I can also practice several activities, but these will have to be paid for:

    • Bodybuilding
    • Cardio
    • Swimming
    • Riding
    • Sailing
    • Diving
    • Paragliding...

    I pay my registration for these activities, via the website SPORT SUAPS AMU and I go to the first class.

    High level athletes (SHN)

    • If I am a high level sportsman, I may be able to obtain certain accommodations in my university course. To do so, I fill in a file that I download from the SPORT SUAPS AMU website.
    • This application must be returned in September of each year.
    • A commission of specialists will study my application and validate (or not) my status as a high-level athlete.

    Contact :

    • Campus Aix:FEG sports office, open every day from 12 noon to 2pm. /
  • SUIO

    The SUIO, university service of insertion and orientation, accompanies you in two ways, on the orientation and reorientation part throughout your university course and on the professional insertion part.

    If you have any questions about your orientation at the FEG, you can certainly talk to the teachers of the faculty, but you also have the SUIO, which is dedicated and competent on the subject. If you want to work on your reorientation to go elsewhere, also ask this service.

    Economics and Management Sector

    Aix campus, Schuman site
    Le Cube - 29 avenue Robert Schuman
    13628 Aix-en-Provence Cedex 1
    Tel: 04 13 94 22 50

    Finally, if you would like to be accompanied to give yourself the best chance of finding a job! Go for it:

    your integration referent for the FEG :

    Anne ODOYER In charge of professional integration and referent for disability professional integration
    Tel : 04 13 94 22 94 Email :

  • Student Associations

    Become a member of the association you like or create it!

    Discover all the associations of the facultyand if you don't find yourself there :

    Create your association, contactthe FEG referent and the Office of the student life of the university!

    We can't tell you enough, participating in the faculty or campus associations is beneficial for you:

    • Socially speaking: you meet other students like you who have the same interests as you, you can't dream better?
    • Professionally speaking: you are building a way of relating to others that will carry you through life, it is a sought-after skill! Don't hesitate to put it into practice! Not to mention that it's also called "developing your network" and if you participate in the dynamics of a network, it will give you back when you need it!
    • "Who's the boss?" Come on! We are in a faculty of economics and management?! So show us that you have knowledge and skills in this field, start by managing an association, with a team, all together, before managing a company or a larger organization!
    • This commitment in the associative life is rewarded with a bonus!

    The day of associations in Marseille will take place at the FEG Colbert / Puvis de Chavannes on February 3, 2022 at 12:15 p.m. / 1:30 p.m. amphi C

    Benefit from financial support (FSDIE or CVEC) for your associative projects:

    The Faculty of Economics and Management, the University of Aix-Marseille (FSDIE) and the CROUS (CVEC) provide you with the necessary funds to develop the projects you wish to carry out within your association, on campus:

    • FSDIE

    This fund is financed by part of the registration fees paid by students to the university. The FSDIE credits are allocated on the one hand to help student projects and on the other hand to provide social aid to students in difficulty. The student projects must be the subject of a file defining the objectives, the actions, the evaluation methods and presenting a balanced budget. The procedure for submitting and managing applications is managed by the BVE. The projects selected by the commission are presented to the CEVU and then to the University Board of Governors, which makes the final decision on the allocation of credits. + information, calendar

    • CVEC

    To register at the university, you had to pay the CVEC, "contribution to Student and Campus Life". The sums collected ultimately benefit the students: they finance campus life projects carried out by a list of establishments fixed by law (the universities, a certain number of schools, the Crous, etc.).

    For each major campus of Aix-Marseille University (Etoile, Luminy, Timone, Marseille-Centre, Aix-en-Provence), as well as for each delocalized site (Gap, Digne, Arles, Avignon, Salon de Provence, Aubagne, La Ciotat), a campus CVEC commission has been established.

    Within the FEG Aix Campus, the members of the CVEC commission are: the dean, a teacher-researcher representative, Cécile GODÉ and a BIATSS representative (Stanie Louarn).

    Submit your call for CVECDOC projects

    The CVEC, what opportunities for students and staff of the FEG?

    Students or staff, we can all propose actions of general interest in favour of student life, aiming at improving the conditions of campus life such as

    • Health/prevention/disability
    • Social support
    • Sports
    • Art/culture
    • Reception and integration of students
    • Community life
    • Citizenship / Equality
    • Environment / sustainable development
    • Campus development

    Examples of projects funded on the Aix Campus (2019-20) :

    - Culture: "put yourself on stage Festival off the Aix campus

    - Social: financing of a student hostel at the Institut National Supérieur du Professorat et de l'Education (INSPE)

    - Eco-citizen: Participatory bicycle repair workshop on the Schuman site.

  • Your student representatives on the UFR council


    • LEKHAL Mohamed Medhi   
    • LUCIANI Maelle
    • AUMAGY Léa
    • GAIDOUKOFF Yannis
    • GERENT Fiona
    • DOREY Ombline

    If you want to write to them: 


    • ABD EL WAHAB Wissam
    • FAYE Souleymane
  • Intranet and social networks

    If you are looking for information concerning pedagogy, the university calendar, exam calendars, knowledge and skills assessment methods (M3C), you will find it on the intranet!

    Schooling, pedagogy, all the contacts within the faculty, explanations concerning various administrative procedures, internships, work-study programs and information concerning international mobility...

    If you want to stay in touch with us, connect to the different social networks you like: FB, twitter, insta or linkedin, as well as the youtube channel where you will find student testimonials and more institutional videos.

  • All kinds of college abbreviations

    AMPHI: amphitheatre
    BU SCD: university library or common service of documentation where you will find many resources throughout your studies!
    CROUS: Centre régional des oeuvres universitaires, the place to find accommodation in a university residence, to apply for a social criteria grant.
    CVEC: contribution de vie étudiante et de campus (student life and campus contribution), which you pay before enrolling at university and which can finance projects that you may support by getting involved in the faculty or university's community life.
    CAFET / RU: the cafet offers you take-away food; the university restaurant offers sit-down meals.
    CPGE: preparatory class for the grandes écoles. At the university, we have 3 classes prépas!
    CM: lectures (often in amphitheatres).
    TD: directed work, courses in smaller groups.
    DU: university diploma.
    DESU: Diploma of Advanced University Studies.
    FI: Initial training.
    FA / FC: sandwich course (apprenticeship contract, professional training contract) Continuing education.
    IA: administrative registration (when all the information relating to your course has been entered, with grades, etc.)
    IP: pedagogical registration, which allows you to register for exams, don't miss it!
    IR: international relations, if you are planning to go on an international exchange, to do an international mobility, this is the dedicated service
    SCOL: for schooling, a service and a team that will accompany you throughout your studies, just like when you were in high school! If you have any questions, doubts, absences, dates not to be missed, M3C, rules, etc., please contact your school!
    SIUAPS: it's the service that takes care of making us do sports !
    SIUMPPS: it's our health service! They will take care of you, do not hesitate to contact them.
    UE: the courses are divided into " Teaching Units " corresponding to a division by subject. Each UE corresponds to a number of "credits". Each semester corresponds to 30 credits. A licence is worth 180 credits. A master's degree is worth 120 credits.
    ECTS: Acronym for "European Credits Transfer System" or simply credits. They reward the validation of an EU. They are valid throughout the European Union and facilitate university exchanges through Erasmus or double degrees.
    ECUE: Elements of Teaching Units.