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Before you apply, you must be familiar with the various admissions systems. It is imperative that you choose the right system for your situation, otherwise your application may not be admissible.

Before applying, please note that there are several application pathways, depending on your personal/academic situation. Opting for the wrong one might result in your application being rejected. For specific information about the different possiblities, please contact our International Relations Office.

  • Step 1: Application

    Check that your profile corresponds to an application via the e-candidate application.
    Log in to the e-Applicant online application and submit all the necessary documents online. No documents should be sent to the pedagogical committee by post.

    PLEASENOTE: when you make a wish for a training course, you will receive an e-mail indicating the deadline for submitting the application documents.

    However, we strongly advise you not to wait until this deadline to submit your documents so that we can tell you whether your application is in order and you can modify the content if necessary: illegible documents, incorrect documents: after the deadline, no further changes are possible.

    To help you with the application, download and read the manual provided.

  • Step 2: Pedagogical Commission

    Files are examined by the Pedagogical Commission only when they are complete.

    The Pedagogical Commission meets to decide on your applications, according to a defined schedule.

    You will receive an answer of admission or refusal by e-mail only.

    If you are admitted, you will have to confirm your application or withdraw on e-candidate.

    If you confirm your application, you will then receive by e-mail the link allowing you to finalize your registration.

  • Step 3: Administrative registration

    The 2021 administrative registrations will open in June 2021.
    If you are part of the initial training (excluding professionalization contract, continuing education and apprenticeship training), you must proceed with your administrative registration via the Internet (IA-Web). The payment of the registration fee is done online.

Pleasenote: if you do not respect the registration dates of the degree for which you have been admitted, the University of Aix-Marseille reserves the right to cancel your application.