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L3 Economics and Management - Double degree course Law and Economics and Management

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Teaching method: Initial training

Location : Aix en Provence

Type of diploma: Double Licence

Duration of studies : 3 years

Exit level: Bac +3

Language(s): French

Department: Licence

  • Objectives

    At the end of the course, students will have acquired two diplomas: the economics and management degree and the law degree. Graduates will have acquired skills in the following areas

    Building a legal argument

    Analyze and identify the decisions and behavior of economic agents

    • Qualify the legal problems submitted and use their theoretical knowledge to provide a practical solution
    • Mastering the reading of case law decisions of national and international jurisdictions
    • Master the environment of markets, firms and organizations
    • Position yourself in the national, international and European legal environment
    • Develop and implement strategies
    • Mobilize a general culture and apply it to the legal and economic field
    • Conduct an analysis of economic data
    • Handle legal data
    • Communicate in writing and orally in a professional manner
    • Mastering English
    • Mastering digital tools
  • Teachings

    Semester 5

    • Legal reasoning in law
      • Business law 1
      • Property law Special contracts
      • Administrative Litigation
      • Public international law
    • Financial analysis
      • Corporate finance
      • Functioning of financial markets
    • Consumer behaviour
      • Consumer behaviour
    • Economic analysis of markets
      • Economic analysis of the performance of firms
      • Market structure and competitive dynamics
    • Cross-cutting skills
      • Project management
      • English

    Semester 6

    • Legal reasoning
      • Business Law II
      • Law of securities
      • General theory of taxation and source of tax law
      • Public property law
    • Additional legal skills
      • Criminal sanctions
    • Analysis of organizations and strategic decisions
      • Competitive regulation of markets
      • Activities and organizations of firms
    • Applied management
      • Management of innovation
      • Quantitative analysis of markets
    • Cross-cutting skills
      • Tutored project
      • English
  • Admission

    Who can apply?

    Students coming from another degree - with a particular interest in economic, social and legal issues and with a strong work capacity.

    How to apply?

    Apply at the time of admissions via the dedicated procedure, the committee for the examination of applications will examine the application.

  • What's next?

    This double degree aims to acquire a real expertise in the fields of economics, management and law, allowing graduates to pursue studies in Masters of Economics, Management and Law.


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