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Teaching method: Initial training, Continuing education or Work-linked training

Location : Aix-en-Provence

Type of degree: Master

Duration of studies: 2 years

Output level: Bac+5

Language(s) : French, English

Department : Finance Control Audit

  • Objectives

    The objective of this training is to meet the important and ever increasing needs of wealth management executives. The student masters all the activities necessary for asset and wealth management through a global and long-term approach to private client profiles (individuals and companies) and an in-depth knowledge of wealth issues, income flows and investment products.

    The course is built by closely mixing theory and practical implementation to enable the student to become perfectly autonomous, multidisciplinary and capable of developing cross-disciplinary approaches in various fields (Finance, Law, Taxation, Insurance, Real Estate, Strategic Management, ...) which makes him/her capable of developing high-level analysis and advice combining client knowledge, negotiation, deontology/ethics.

    In addition to this technical know-how, the training helps to develop a know-how based on presentation, oral expression and writing skills in both French and English. Emphasis is placed on the development of intellectual curiosity, the ability to manage varied information and mastery of networks.

    At the end of the training, graduates will know how to :

    • Manage and enhance the value of financial asset portfolios
    • Moving in a complex and international context
    • Acting as a responsible player in finance and asset management
    • Negotiate to develop a network of customers and partners
    • Analyze and evaluate to establish a heritage study

    A partnership is in place with the SFAF (Société Française des Analystes Financiers) for the M2 "Asset Management" course completed by the DESU "Gestion d'Actifs et de Fortune". This M2 GP + DESU partnership integrates the preparation and passage of the AMF Certification and allows students to pass, at their choice, via equivalences and preferential conditions, the international professional diplomas CIWM (Certified International Wealth Manager) or CIIA (Certified International Investment Analyst).

    This partnership also exists for the Master 2 MRF.

  • Teachings

    Master 2 Finance Wealth Management Course (GP) (60 credits)

    • Half-year 3 M2 Finance Wealth Management (GP) (30 credits)
    • Law and Regulation (8 credits)
      • Ethics and financial regulation
      • Civil company law
      • Notarial and property law
    • Taxation and Real Estate (6 credits)
      • National Taxation
      • Seminars in Tax Expertise
      • Real estate
    • Market finance (8 loans)
      • Financial markets and investments
      • Financial derivatives
      • Structured products and bonds
      • Fund allocation and selection
    • Insurance/Pension/Pension (4 credits)
      • Retirement
      • Foresight
      • Insurance
    • Advice and negotiation (4 appropriations)
      • Diagnosis and assessment
      • Customer profile and relationship management
      • Decision Support Software
      • additional EU
    • Introduction to econometrics (0 credits)
    • Half-year 4 M2 Finance Wealth Management (GP) (30 credits)
    • Support skills (4 credits)
      • Economic analysis
      • Français
    • Internship or work-study assignment and thesis (26 credits)
      • Memory methodology
      • Business and PIP Round Table
      • Internship or work-study assignment and applied dissertation
      • Great oral
  • Admission

    Who can apply?

    Any student who has completed 60 courses, but who has also acquired an indispensable knowledge base in Law, Economics and Management.
    Good interpersonal skills and fluency in both written and oral communication are appreciated.

    How to apply?

    Admission is based on a dossier studied by a teaching committee which checks whether the student has sufficient knowledge of the fundamental tools of law, economics and management and whether his/her level is compatible with the objectives of the course.

    Apply at the time of admission on the dedicated platform.

  • Practical information

    The teaching team is made up of Lecturers-Researchers Economists and Managers exercising their research activity in the field of Finance and in particular in that of Market Finance and International Finance. This team is complemented by professional lecturers holding positions of responsibility in large companies and financial institutions. These professionals provide about half of the teaching in the Master 2 program.

    For the most part, each course is taught by a mixed team comprising a Lecturer-Researcher and a professional from the sector. These lectures alternate lectures and practical case studies that enable students to put themselves in a real-life situation. This practical application can also be carried out through participation in national asset management simulation competitions.
    A personalised follow-up of the student also allows him/her to specify his/her professional project and to adapt it through tutorials, meetings-debates with professionals in post (round tables), definition of missions through, for example, the conduct of an applied research thesis.

    Some courses may be taught in reverse class with documents and videos put online before each session.
    The oral exam at the end of the Master 2 allows the validation of part of the acquired skills in terms of competences based on subjects drawn at random and developed by the student. The jury is made up of the course director and one or more members of the teaching team.

    An internship of approximately 24 weeks is compulsory. A skills booklet is filled in at the end of the internship by the company tutor and the trainee. This internship gives rise to a sustained report, possibly in the presence of the company tutor and the trainee.

    • Lectures: 750 hours
    • Tutorial: 73 hours
    • Internship : 24 weeks

    This training is available in :

    • Continuing education (FC): M2 courses take place every other week so as to allow learners to pursue a partial professional activity or to follow the DESU Asset and Wealth Management. Work-study training (FAL): in M1, the courses are concentrated from Monday to Wednesday so as to allow students to do work-study during the rest of the week. In M2, lessons take place every other week.
    • Training in professionalization contract (CP): in M1 and M2
  • What's next?

    Professional opportunities

    • Chief Financial Officer
    • Financial controller
    • Treasurer
    • Business Manager
    • Financial Analyst and Engineer
    • Portfolio Manager
    • Wealth Manager
    • Asset Manager
    • Private Banking Advisor
    • Capital Management Consultant
    • Financial Investment Advisor
    • Asset Manager
    • Back and middle office manager
    • Front Office Manager
    • Quantitative Financial Analyst
    • Credit and Bank Risk Analyst


Pedagogical Manager

Director of the Continuing Education and Work-linked Training Department

Administrative Manager (Initial Training)

Administrative Manager Training - FCA

Administrative Manager (Continuing Education)