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Type of training: Initial training, continuing training or work-linked training

Location: Marseille

Type of degree : DU University degree

Duration of studies : 18 weeks

Language(s): French

  • Objectives

    The objective of this training is to give the basics of payroll management and to train payroll technicians (a profession for which there are stable and abundant job offers). The university diploma (DU) obtained at the end of the training provides a specific payroll management skill that can be useful to administrative human resources managers. The training focuses on the basic elements of payroll management. The training focuses on the basic elements of payroll management. It also provides knowledge specific to the payroll function: labour law adapted to the payroll function, accounting specific to the payroll function, auditing and control specific to the payroll function, and setting up payroll software.

    Compulsory 8-week internship in a payroll department.

    The jobs are carried out within private or public companies, local authorities or consulting firms, in relation to various departments and stakeholders (accounting, management, service providers, etc.). The main professional opportunities concern the profession of payroll technician and career and payroll assistant.

    Accounting firms are also looking for graduates with skills in payroll management.

    The Faculty of Economics and Management has for many years established relationships with companies likely to take on trainees or to hire trainees following this payroll management diploma. It also has partnerships with ANECS Provence (National Association of Trainee Accountants of Provence), the Order of Chartered Accountants, and collaborations with many accounting firms in the PACA region.

  • Teachings

    • Construction of the Salary Bulletin
    • Payroll Accounting
    • Payroll control and audit
    • Salary law
    • Learning the payroll software
    • Dashboard construction
  • Admission

    Who can apply?

    This university degree is intended for students in initial training, but also for trainees in continuing education, i.e. people returning to school, employees or jobseekers, or people in a period of professionalization.

    Several trainees are simultaneously following the Master's degree in Human Resources, these two diplomas being complementary. The Payroll DU enables students to acquire specific and technical skills in payroll management in a company's HR department or in an accounting firm.

    The course is open to holders of a generalist bac + 2 level diploma, it is also open to holders of a bac supplemented by professional experience in the field of human resources.

    How to apply?

    Admission to the course is in two stages:

    1. Examination of files
    2. Interview with members of the pedagogical team. This interview aims to evaluate the quality of the candidate's HR knowledge, his professional experience, his career plan and his motivation to join the training.
  • Practical information

    The total number of teaching weeks in the training is 18 weeks.

    Teaching takes place from the second week of January to the last week of May, one or two days a week.

    Lessons take place every Tuesday and practice on a payroll software on Wednesdays (5 over the duration of the training).

    The exams take place in the first two weeks of June, generally over two days.


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Administrative Manager

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