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DESU - Data science for professionals

Teaching method : Continuing education

Location : Marseille

Type of diploma : DESU Graduate degree

Duration of studies : according to the modules

Language(s) : French

Department: AMSE

  • Objectives

    This DESU responds to the challenges of decision statistics. Its objective is to give the trainee an operational mastery of machine learning techniques. The trainee will have to :

    • learn how to manipulate the computer tools used to collect and manage large volumes of data;
    • know the new concepts to support the company in the exploitation of data and decision making;
    • develop the theoretical and practical skills of professionals in machine learning.

    This diploma will allow the trainee to develop his field of knowledge in data science and to know the new concepts to accompany the company in the exploitation of data and the decision-makers in decision making.

    More specifically, the trainee will develop his knowledge on the following points:

    • the operation of a set of machine learning methods,
    • the different data management architectures,
    • the legal and ethical aspects inherent in the use of Big Data.

    At the end of the training, the trainee will be able to :

    • to use data storage, management and analysis software massively deployed on the market,
    • write computer programs to (i) load data, (ii) format them, (iii) analyse them in a more or less complex manner using the quantitative methods acquired during the theory sessions,
    • to apply machine learning algorithms to real data sets,
    • to test the validity of a machine learning model,
    • recover "raw" data via APIs, or via web scraping methods.
  • Teachings

    • Upgrade 01 - Programming Basics
    • Upgrade 02 - Statistics and Data Analysis
    • Upgrade 03 - Econometrics
    • Module M1 - Python for data science
    • Module M2 - SQL
    • Module M3 - Big data tools
    • Module M4 - NoSQL
    • Module M5 - Machine learning
    • Module M6 - Advanced Machine Learning
    • Module M7 - Text mining - NLP
    • Module M8 - Using APIs, open source and webscraping
    • Module M9 - Practice of data science, ethical and legal dimensions
    • Module M10 - Application project
  • Admissions

    Who can apply?

    Employees on fixed-term or permanent contracts, temporary workers, adults returning to school or retraining, with knowledge in statistics and/or econometrics, with an interest in data and wishing to update and enrich their knowledge.

    How to apply?

    See contacts.

  • Practical information

    Teacher-researchers and qualified professionals are part of the teaching team. The teaching includes lectures, tutorials, practical work, and application projects.

    Place of training

    AMSE School

    5 bd Maurice Bourdet

    13001 Marseille

    The site is located 50 m from the Marseille Saint-Charles train station.


Continuing education



AMSE School