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DESU - Advanced Engineering and Corporate Finance (AECF)

Teaching method: Initial training or continuing education

Location: Aix-en-Provence

Type of diploma : DESU Graduate degree

Duration of studies : 4 months

Language(s): English

Department: Finance Accounting Audit FCA

  • Objectives

    The aim of this training is to train high-level executives (Administrative and Financial Director, Specialised Financial Executive, Financial Analyst and Engineer, Treasury and Financing Manager) with strategic and operational expertise in Corporate Finance within the financial and administrative departments of companies, specialised consulting firms, Private Equity firms or within financial institutions. The expert in Engineering and Corporate Finance has the knowledge to ensure the management of the company, from value creation to perfect risk control and to set up complex financing packages.

    The training is offered in English in order to take into account the fact that professional opportunities in the field of financial engineering are at an international level. In any case, this professional activity, even if carried out in France, requires permanent international contacts and exchanges.

    The aim is to enable learners to :

    • Design a business plan and carry out forecasting models
    • Assessing projects and implementing financing operations while optimising all risks and profitability
    • Designing growth strategies and the associated complex financial arrangements: venture capital, IPOs, leveraged transactions, etc.
    • Mastering the entire process of acquiring a company or activity
    • Implementation of merger/acquisition transactions

    Projects and real-life business situations are proposed in the courses to enable learners to acquire skills and develop their critical sense.

  • Teachings

    • Français Corporate Finance
    • Management of financial risks on derivative markets
    • Tax Management
    • Evaluation and selling process of company
    • Engineering and Restructuring capital
    • Raising funds with financial markets
    • Ethical Finance
    • Advanced Topics in Finance
    • Crowdfunding and risk capital
    • Preparing for AMF certification
  • Admission

    Who can apply?

    Students holding a first year master's degree or equivalent (business school, engineering school,...). The course is open to working professionals or those undergoing retraining for whom a validation of professional experience (VAP) is possible.

    How to apply?

    Admission to the course takes place after an interview with a jury.

  • Practical information

    Number of hours and period of teaching: the training includes 150 hours of teaching spread over 4 months, from mid-September to the end of January.

    Teaching methods

    The Desu AECF is also offered in the form of modules. In the case of registration in the modules, the award of the diploma is acquired after validation of all the EU. The duration granted for this validation is 2 years (maximum 3 years after derogation granted by the pedagogical team). UEs not validated in the last year can be compensated by validated UEs, but UEs not validated in previous years cannot be compensated and must be represented in the last year.


    Preparation for the European BEST (Business English Skills Tests) in Corporate Finance certification issued by the Franco-British Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The BEST certification is referenced on the RCNP (Répertoire National des Certifications Professionnelles) and recognized by the COBCOE (Council of British Chambers of Commerce in Europe).
    The students who will follow the Corporate Finance and Markets course as well as the Desu AECF will be able to pass the AMF certification organized by the SFAF (French Society of Financial Analysts) with the Desu GAF (Wealth Management) in Aix-en-Provence. The training fees include the cost of passing the AMF and BEST certifications.


Pedagogical Manager


Administrative Manager

Administrative Manager Training - FCA