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DESU - Advanced Cost Management (ACM)

Teaching method : Initial training, continuing training or work-linked training

Location : Aix-en-Provence

Type of diploma : DESU Graduate degree

Duration of studies : 30 weeks

Language(s): French and English

Department : Finance Accounting Audit FCA

  • Objectives

    The purpose of the "Advanced Cost Management" diploma (DESU) is to train high-level management controllers and/or consultants. This university diploma is primarily aimed at students with some knowledge of controlling but also with a solid grounding in accounting, auditing and finance.

    This university diploma offers students a series of professional seminars presenting the most advanced techniques, methods and tools in the field of controlling. These techniques, methods and tools are taught and, above all, put into professional situations by recognised specialists in budget management, management control, information systems and auditing. The teaching staff of this university degree reflects this variety of missions and positions associated with management control: in addition to academics, it is made up of financial executives (management controllers, consultants, financial directors) working in major French and European companies (Cartier, CESI, Areva), in the public sector and local authorities (Assistance Publique des Hôpitaux de Marseille) and in consulting (Accenture, PwC).

    During this programme students will develop analytical (diagnosis, control, audit, information gathering) and operational skills. This DESU aims to enable graduates to acquire the skills to control, audit and manage a company/organisation in the accounting and financial fields but also in more operational areas (information systems for example). Academically, the main areas covered are: Management Control, Budget Management, Cash Management, Information Systems Management, Audit of Public Organizations, Innovation Management.

    At the end of this training, students will be able to immediately take up financial management positions (management controller, auditor, financial manager, financial consultant) whose professional and sectoral outlines can be very varied.

    Obtaining this diploma implies a minimum 5-month internship in a position or function directly related to management control and/or consulting, in France or abroad.

    Part of the seminars of the university diploma is taught in English.

  • Teachings

    • Applied budget management
    • Control, audit and change management
    • Management of information systems
    • Management in Practice - Professional Conferences
    • Research and information gathering methodology
    • Memory
  • Admission

    Who can apply?

    Previous training in Finance, Accounting and Controlling

    How to apply?

    Holders of a 1st year Master's degree with solid notions of business management, graduates of business and management schools, as well as engineering schools.

  • Practical information

    Teaching period: January/July (30 weeks of teaching)

    Many companies are involved in training:

    • they offer internships to students every year
    • they are willing to hire graduates of this training (Spir, Areva, APHM...)
    • professionals from these companies are involved in the programme either in the form of lessons from the model, or in the form of one-off conferences
    • professionals from these companies participate in the Conseil de Perfectionnement de la formation (Training Development Council)


Pedagogical Manager

University Professor

Administrative Manager

Administrative Training Manager - FCA