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Bachelor of Economics and Management - 1st year (Common Portal)

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Teaching method: Initial training or Continuing education

Location : Aix en Provence, Marseille

Type of diploma: Bachelor's degree

Duration of studies : 3 years

Output level: Bac +3

Language(s): French

Department: License

  • Objectives

    The Economics and Management Degree (EG) aims to provide students with a real field of expertise in the field of economics and management, based on a base of knowledge, skills and know-how allowing graduates, as a main objective, to continue their studies in the Masters of Economics and/or Management and, as a secondary objective, to envisage in certain situations a possible professional integration.

    The progressive specialization during the first four semesters and the differentiation of the studies in the last two semesters make the Licence EG a training combining reflection and technicality, during which students will have developed the qualities of the future economist, manager or manager, based on various learning situations, sometimes individual, sometimes group, especially through semester and year projects , leaving a large place to the training project of students, accompanied in this in their active and reflective approach.

    This Bachelor's degree is organized for most of its courses in the following way with :

    • a 1st multidisciplinary discovery portal (semester 1), common to 3 Degrees (Economic and Social Administration-AES, Economics and Management-EG, Management-G)
    • a 2nd portal (semesters 2-3), a knowledge and know-how base shared by the EG and Gestion Licences
    • one semester (semester 4) of disciplinary reinforcement in Economics and Management
    • one year of pre-specialisation within the framework of 4 courses (semesters 5-6).

    However, this degree mention also includes a double degree course in law, economics and management, which starts in the first year with a specific programme and teaching and also includes 2 Preparatory Classes for the Grandes Ecoles:

    • Economy-Management (D2, ENS Paris-Saclay) of the Lycée Jean Perrin in Marseille, whose students follow a selection of courses and validate the first four semesters.
    • Institut d'Etudes Politiques (IEP) of the Lycée La Nativité in Aix-en-Provence, whose students follow a selection of courses and validate the first two semesters.

    Finally, since the reform of health studies, within this Bachelor's degree, you can follow a course with a minor health option: "the Bachelor's degree with health access option (LAS)", which allows you to apply for the health subjects that interest you and integrate a second year of health or continue your Bachelor's degree.

  • Teachings

    Semester 1 Bachelor 1 Economy Management - Common Portal AES-ECO GESTION - MANAGEMENT

    • Modelling economic behaviour 1 (8 cr)
      • Mathematics 1
      • Microeconomics 1
    • Organizational Environment (8 cr)
      • Introduction to Law
      • Political Institutions
      • Contemporary economic problems
    • Organizational Management (6 cr)
      • Theories of management
      • Introduction to management
    • Applied Social Science Statistics (8 cr)
      • Statistical techniques
      • Statistical approach to economic and social issues
      • Works in Box 1
      • Additional teaching 1
      • Cursus international 1
        • Topics in economics
      • Engineering curriculum 1
        • Logic

    Semester 2 Bachelor 1 Economy Management - Common Portal ECO GESTION - MANAGEMENT

    • Modelling economic behaviour 2 (8 cr)
      • Mathematics 2
      • Microeconomics 2
    • Current and Historical Economic Analysis (6 cr)
      • Macroeconomics 1
      • History of economic thought and facts
    • Management of Firms and Organizations (8 cr)
      • Marketing principles
      • HRM Principles
      • Introduction to Accounting
    • Study of markets and firm strategies (8 cr)
      • Markets and strategies
      • Works Box 2
      • English
      • additional EU
      • International Curriculum 2
      • Strategic decision making
      • Engineering curriculum 2
      • Engineering curriculum 2
  • Admission

    Who can apply?

    The general baccalaureates are mainly represented in this stream.It is aimed above all at people developing a particular interest in economic, social and managerial issues.

    How to apply?

    Apply at the time of admission on the dedicated platform.

  • International Mobility

    The Bachelor's degree has an international curriculum in L1 and L2 allowing any student who so wishes to follow a set of courses in the field in English, the results of which will be taken into account in the initial curriculum in the form of a semester bonus.

    An international mobility of 1 or 2 semesters of L3 is possible, the file is to be prepared for the 2nd year Bachelor's degree.

  • Practical information

    Two selective courses allow students to follow complementary courses during their first two years of Bachelor's degree. The international curriculum offers 6 teaching units in economics and management taught in English and the engineering curriculum offers 6 teaching units focused on computer science and statistics.


Administrative Manager

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S2 L1 Marseille, contact : Tara Khimoun - -

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