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Rap and Entrepreneurship" conference

April 3, 2024

🎤 A ix-Marseille University's FEG is teaming up with Agence LA FIRME, CISAM+ and Pépite Provence to bring you "Inspira Mars", a series of conference-debates on the rap industry!

🎶 Join us for the second "Rap and Entrepreneurship" conference on Wednesday, April 3, 2024.

🚀 The aim of this new conference is to once again highlight the bridges between the worlds of business and rap. The multiple players that make up this industry face a number of entrepreneurial issues: from defining their business model to mobilizing multiple resources, from a long-term vision to day-to-day strategies blending resourcefulness, adaptation and resilience, these players are entrepreneurs in their own right.

For this second conference, come and discover the links between entrepreneurship and the world of rap with renowned speakers such as Pirelli (@newpirelli_), Roxane Peyronnenc (@roxanepeyronnenc) and Skary (@skary_salesgosses) 😉

Moderated and discussed by Tarik Chakor and Gilbert Bougi!

📅 The "Rap and Entrepreneurship" conference will take place on Wednesday April 3 at 5pm, on the Colbert Campus in Marseille (14 rue Puvis de Chavannes, 13001 Marseille), in Amphi A.

👉 Métro 1 Station Colbert / Tramway T2-T3 Station Belsunce-Alcazar

📝 Registration is free but compulsory via the link below: https: //

We look forward to seeing you there! 🔥

Speakers at the "Rap and Entrepreneurship" Conference:

  • Roxane Peyronnenc - DA, Project Manager, DJ (@roxanepeyronnenc)

Roxane Peyronnenc wears many hats: photographer, art director, project manager, producer and DJ at just 25. She found a passion for music and began to make a place for herself in the industry at the age of 18, camera in hand, attending all the Parisian concerts and rap events to make a name for herself. Seizing every opportunity open to her, Roxane has become one of the leading female figures in this milieu, moving from live shots to project covers and video direction. Rim'k, Laylow and Burna boy are just some of the artists who have crossed her path. A member of Zamdane's team, she played an active role in the artist's first album, "Couleur de ma peine", managing its visual art direction. She then became project manager on his second album, "Solsad". 6 years after her debut, Roxane moves between Paris and Marseille, and after several exhibitions and conferences she proudly represents her project "L'oeil féminin du rap".

  • Pirelli - Manager and Producer (@newpirelli_)

Pirelli is an independent manager and producer. Originally from Mauritania, he came to France for his studies and entered the music world by chance in 2020, when he did his end-of-study internship at Raplume. He then became the manager of rapper Zamdane, before becoming a partner in his label "Affamés Records". At the same time, he managed another Marseilles rapper, S.Téban, signed to the Sony A+LSO label. He then created his own independent label, in partnership with A+LSO, and joined forces with Vincent Le Nen to set up Good To Great, at just 25 years of age. They signed artists such as Stony Stone, and his joint project with Houdi, then BEN.C, and quickly diversified into touring and publishing. A label he is building with a clear ambition: "To become the French Quality Control".

  • Skary - Sound engineer and Beatmaker (@skary_salesgosses)

Coming from a family tree rich in musicians, Skary explored different facets and universes before finding his voice behind the machines. Years of work, a veritable Swiss Army knife that still follows him today, handling beatmaking, producing and mixing with a skill and adaptability recognized in the profession. Regularly called upon from the outset, he has worked in the studio with SCH, Zamdane, Lujipeka, Ben plg, Naps, Stony Stone, Asinine and many others... Over time, he has become a reference in Marseille and an essential professional. Skary takes care of BPM but not only...