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M2 Finance | Research course

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Teaching method: Initial training, Continuing training 

Location : Marseille

Type of degree: Master's

Length of studies: 2 years

Exit level: Bac+5

Language(s ) : English

Department : AMSE

  • Objectives

    This track aims at providing students with a general training in theory and methods in Finance. The track may lead to research or the conduct of financial analyses.

    The teaching program of this master’s track is aimed at beter understanding and mastering the latest developments in the theory of Finance and its empirical methods. Students are initiated into research and develop their ability to define and conduct a research project in econometrics. 

    Targeted professional skills on graduation: 

    • ability to contribute to novel scientific production in Finance, 
    • ability to highlight the value of research results, 
    • expertise in an area of research in Finance.


  • What next?

    Students on this track are most likely to enter the doctoral programme of AMSE, or of other universities.

  • Teaching

  • Admission

    Who can apply?

    High-level training in theoretical and applied methods in Finance is required for application. Priority access is afforded to M1 students from the Master's in Finance of the AMSE department of the Faculty of Economics and Management of Aix-Marseille University. However, parallel entry to M2 may be considered for students who have validated 60 credits of M1 level Economics in a course with a strong quantitative focus.

    How do I apply?

    Apply at the time of admissions on the dedicated platform.

  • Practical information

    The teaching team is made up of lecturers in economics and management, all of whom carry out research in the field of finance, with a particular focus on market and international finance. This team is complemented by professional lecturers who hold positions of responsibility in major companies and financial institutions. These lecturers account for more than half of the Master 2 courses.

    The "Financial Risk Management" course is offered as an initial training course (in particular for students wishing to take the "Asset and Wealth Management" DESU) and as a sandwich course under a professionalization contract or an apprenticeship contract in partnership with the CFA Epure and the PACA region. The training program follows an alternating rhythm, with the week divided between the training course and the host company, whether you are in initial training or on a sandwich course under an apprenticeship or professionalization contract.

    A 24-week end-of-study internship is compulsory for students who do not wish to pursue a doctoral thesis. At the end of the internship, a skills booklet is completed by the company tutor and the intern. A report on the internship may be submitted in the presence of the company tutor, the course tutor and the course supervisor.

    For students wishing to continue on to a doctoral thesis, a research dissertation (in place of the internship/minor dissertation) will be carried out to assess the student's capacity for analysis, synthesis and critical thinking. The dissertation will be presented to a dissertation jury comprising at least one external reporter, one internal reporter and the dissertation director.

    Teaching volume

    • Lectures: 753 hours
    • Tutorials: 73 hours
    • Internship: 24 weeks

    This course is available in :

    • Initial training
    • Continuing education
    • Work-study training: Classes are held every other week, so that students can alternate between two weeks.
    • Work-study contract: Classes are held every other week, allowing students to alternate between the two weeks.


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