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Corporate Relations


The faculty's Corporate Relations office carries out several types of actions: business conferences, interview simulations, company forums, friendly meetings with professionals, company visits, etc.
We would be delighted to work with you.

Are you looking for specific profiles, for an internship, a work-study program or a job?
The Faculty of Economics and Management trains more than 5,500 students every year. Among these aspiring professionals are surely your future employees!

Come and meet them at dedicated events.
Get in touch with us!

  • Train your employees

  • Creating a Chair

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    For more information, please contact

    Vice-Dean for Research
    University Professor
  • Become a partner

    Participate in FEG events

    • Intervene as a professional with the students within the training courses.
    • Support our actions with a one-off financial support
    • Contribute to the professional integration of our students
  • Déposez vos offres de stages ou emplois

    Si vous avez des offres de stages et emplois et pas de contacts précis, envoyez-les à qui se chargera de les diffuser en interne, auprès des enseignants et étudiants de la filière concernées.

    Si vous avez des offres d'alternance envoyez les à