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FEG Student - Admission to M2

You are a Master 1 student at the FEG and you are applying for a Master 2 at the FEG?

You have a right access to one of the M2 of the mention you follow in M1. You must still apply.

Nota Bene : If you have access to several M2, we ask you to submit a file in e-candidate only on the M2 corresponding to your first wish. A form provided for this purpose in e-candidate will allow you to classify your other wishes.

This ranking will be used by the pedagogical commission for the examination of your file. If you do not obtain your first wish, one of the other M2s to which you have access by right will be proposed to you, taking into account the ranking that you will have indicated.

You can of course apply for other FEG courses, within the limit of 4 wishes in total.