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Applications 2021-2022 in Continuing Education

All courses offered by the Faculty of Economics and Management are open to continuing education.

Continuing education is aimed, on the one hand, at any person engaged in working life who wishes to resume studies, complete their training, validate their experience: employees (permanent, fixed-term, temporary), self-employed (tradesmen, craftsmen, self-employed workers, farmers, liberal professions), civil servants (permanent or temporary), jobseekers and, on the other hand, students who wish to follow a work-linked training course as part of a professionalization contract.If you have a training project, depending on your status, different financing schemes can cover all or part of your training costs and remuneration during your training. Once you have identified the training you would like to follow, you must fill in an application form and send it by e-mail to the secretariat that manages the training. The e-mail addresses of the secretariats are available in the training offer table.

Once you have received a favourable admissibility opinion from the pedagogical manager of the training course for which you are applying, the continuing education department will contact you to guide you in your search for funding.

The application procedure therefore consists of :

  1. Identifying the course you want to apply for using the continuing education offer of the Faculty of Economics and Management.
  2. Fill in the application form, indicating the type, the mention and the speciality/course of the training you are applying for.
  3. Return the completed file to the e-mail address of the secretariat that manages the training. These addresses are indicated on each training page.
  4. If your application is approved, the Continuing Education Department of the Faculty of Economics and Management will contact you to guide you in your administrative procedures.


Continuing Education and Work Experience Service

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