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M2 Finance | Finance - Business and Markets (FEM)


Teaching method: Initial training, Continuing education or Work-linked training

Location : Aix-en-Provence

Type of degree: Master

Duration of studies: 2 years

Output level: Bac+5

Language(s) : French, English

Department : Finance Control Audit

  • Objectives

    The "Finance - Business and Markets" course is a generalist, dual-skill training programme designed to train high-level financial executives to work in various finance professions in corporate finance departments, merchant banks, management companies, private equity companies and advisory professions. This course meets the needs of companies who want employees who can be operational quickly and students who do not wish to follow a strictly "business" speciality.

    The objectives of this course are to train and provide students, while integrating the international dimension (moving in a complex and international context), the market logic and the complex environment in which the company operates, with skills in the following areas of Finance :

    • Corporate finance in business valuation, financial policies compatible with a value creation objective, capital restructuring, management control, performance evaluation and cash management (Implementing an internal and external growth strategy and associated financing, setting up a steering and performance analysis system).
    • Market Finance in Asset Management and Risk Hedging of companies' economic activities (Managing and valuing portfolios of financial assets).
  • Teachings

    Master 2 Finance Course Finance - Enterprise and Markets (FEM) (60 credits)

    • Half-year 3 M2 Finance Corporate and Market Finance (FEM) (30 loans)
    • Financial and fiscal environment (6 credits)
      • European and international taxation
      • International Accounting Standards
    • Steering system and performance analysis (9 credits)
      • Controlling
      • Cash management euro / currencies
      • Financial analysis of consolidated financial statements
    • Corporate financial strategy (6 credits)
      • Investment and financing strategies
      • Valuation and process of business transfers
    • Financial markets and asset management (9 credits)
      • Securities and hybrid securities
      • Portfolio management
      • Financial strategies on derivatives markets
      • Ethics and financial regulation
      • additional EU
    • Introduction to econometrics (0 credits)
    • Half-year 4 M2 Finance Corporate and Market Finance (FEM) (30 loans)
    • Financial engineering (6 credits)
      • Financing and structured products
      • Capital restructuring and financial innovations
    • Research work / internship or work-study assignment / Grand oral (24 credits)
      • Research methodology
      • Internship or work-study assignment and research work
      • Great oral
  • Admission

    Who can apply?

    Any student who has completed 60ects, an essential knowledge base in Law, Economics and Management, but also in General Accounting, financial diagnosis, IT, business law, taxation.

    How to apply?

    Admission is based on a dossier studied by a teaching committee which checks whether the student has sufficient knowledge of the fundamental tools of law, economics and management and whether his or her level is compatible with the objectives of the course.

    Apply at the time of admission on the dedicated platform.

  • Practical information

    The teaching team is made up of Lecturers-Researchers Economists and Managers carrying out their research activities in the field of Finance and professional lecturers holding positions of responsibility in large companies (former Financial Director of ALSTOM, Financial and Strategy Director of ORANGE, Financial Director of ONET, etc.). These professional lecturers provide about half of the teaching in the Master 2 programme.

    An internship of approximately 16 to 24 weeks is compulsory. A skills booklet is filled in at the end of the internship by the company tutor and the trainee. This internship gives rise to a report.

    Volume of teaching :

    • Lectures: 741 hours
    • Tutorial: 73 hours
    • Internship: 16 weeks

    This training is available in

    • Initial training
    • Continuing education
    • Work-linked training
    • Training under a professionalization contract
  • What's next?

    Professional opportunities

    • Chief Financial Officer
    • Financial controller
    • Treasurer
    • Business Manager
    • Financial Analyst and Engineer
    • Portfolio Manager
    • Wealth Manager
    • Asset Manager
    • Private Banking Advisor
    • Capital Management Consultant
    • Financial Investment Advisor
    • Asset Manager
    • Back and middle office manager
    • Front Office Manager
    • Quantitative Financial Analyst
    • Credit and Bank Risk Analyst


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Administrative Manager

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