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M2 Production management, logistics, purchasing | Research, studies and consulting in logistics and strategy (RECLS)

Teaching method: Initial training or Continuing education

Location : Aix-en-Provence

Type of degree: Master

Duration of studies: 2 years

Output level: Bac+5

Language(s) : French

Department: Logistics, organization and international trade

  • Objectives

    The Research, Studies and Consultancy in Logistics and Strategy (RECLS) course of the "Production Management, Logistics, Purchasing" master's degree aims to train future researchers, teacher-researchers, trainers, research officers or consultants specialising in the organisational and strategic issues raised by logistics and supply chain management (SCM).
    The RECLS course is aimed at students who wish to learn the scientific approach and methods to understand the study of logistics systems, supply chains, value chain systems or ecosystems past, present or future.

    The objective is to consolidate the students' scientific culture (concepts, theories, ways of reasoning, methods), to develop their capacity to ask questions and to provide well-founded answers.

    The RECLS programme, which is backed by the CRET-LOG research laboratory (EA 881), supports students wishing to pursue a thesis when they enter the doctoral programme and helps them in their search for thesis funding, provided that their thesis project fits in with the themes of the unit's scientific project.

    The professional skills targeted are the following:

    • Understanding the complexity of management situations in logistics and strategy and considering the dynamics of their transformation (systemic modeling, monitoring, prospective);
    • Carry out critical state-of-the-art studies (literature reviews, bibliometric studies) on the theoretical and managerial knowledge available and under development relating to the strategic issues raised by logistics and supply chain management;
    • To master scientific methods (research methodologies and associated tools) in order to understand the field;
    • Build a research, study or consulting project with a scientific approach (research design, project management);
    • Implement a research, study or consulting project in logistics and strategy and communicate the results (different formats of written and oral scientific production).
  • Teachings

    Master 2 GPLA Research, Studies and Consulting in Logistics and Strategy (RECLS) (60 credits)

    • Semester 3 M2 GPLA Research, Studies and Consulting in Logistics and Strategy (RECLS) (30 credits)
    • Systemic and Complexity (6 credits)
      • The systemic approach, complexity modeling
      • Managerial issues
      • Scanning and foresight methods
    • SCM Theoretical Frameworks (12 credits)
      • The currents of strategic management and organizations
      • Marketing and distribution
      • Logistics / SCM and IS management
    • The dimensions of SC evolution (12 credits)
      • Sustainable development strategy and sustainable supply chain management (SSCM)
      • Inter-organisational management within networks of companies and supply chains
      • Innovation and digitalization
    • Semester 4 M2 GPLA Research, Studies and Consulting in Logistics and Strategy (RECLS) (30 credits)
    • Research Methodologies (6 credits)
      • Qualitative methodologies and associated tools
      • Quantitative methodologies and associated tools
    • Research, Study and Consulting Engineering (6 credits)
      • Articulating field / theory / methodologies - modes of reasoning - epistemology
      • Responding to calls for tenders, calls for projects
      • Feedback from consultants, research officer
    • Research thesis (related or not to an internship) (18 credits)
      • Preparation and defence of the dissertation
  • Admission - Second Year

    Who can apply?

    Willing to follow a training in and through research, interest in the scientific approach.
    Any student having validated a first year of Master (60ects) and having knowledge in logistics.

    • Have professional experience (in internships or employment) in the field of logistics or Supply chain Management
    • Have experience in writing a research-type dissertation
    • Have a very good practice of French and English.

    How to apply?

    Apply at the time of admissions on the dedicated platform.

  • Practical information

    The RECLS Master's course is backed by CRET-LOG (EA 881), a laboratory specialising in logistics with a triple vocation of academic and applied research, higher education and professional expertise. CRET-LOG develops research in logistics and supply chain management, distribution channel management and inter-organizational strategies. The majority of the laboratory's teacher-researchers are involved in the master's degree programme and contribute to the RECLS programme.

    In the second year, depending on the students' personal professional project, an internship of up to six months may be carried out as part of this programme (ideally linked to the project).
    The second semester of the second year is essentially devoted to the realization of a research project for study or advice based on a scientific approach that gives rise to a dissertation directed by a CRET-LOG teacher-researcher.

    Teaching volume :

    • Lectures: 534 hours
    • Tutorials: 184 hours
    • Internship: 12 weeks

    This training is available in initial training or Continuing education

  • What's next?

    This master's degree offers privileged access to a PhD in this field of research.


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