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M2 Business and Market Economics | Corporate Risk, Quality and Performance Management Pathway (MRQP)


Teaching method: Initial training, Continuing education or Work-linked training

Location : Aix-en-Provence

Type of degree: Master

Duration of studies: 2 years

Output level: Bac+5

Language(s) : French

Department: Logistics, organization and international trade

  • Objectives

    The Risk, Quality and Corporate Performance Management (MRQP) course in the Master's degree in Business and Market Economics aims to train managers in the methods, techniques and tools for quality and risk control in the company in order to improve its performance. This course is not sector-specific as it aims to provide teaching that is applicable in all companies or organisations that have to manage problems of risk quality and safety, which are becoming a major concern in our time.

    At the end of this course, the student will be able to :

    • To help to implement and implement a Quality, Safety and Environment policy;
    • To support a risk management approach;
    • To support a certification process;
    • To contribute to the management of the company's performance;
    • To coordinate a project approach;
    • To communicate orally and in writing in English.
  • Teachings

    Master 2 EEM Typical course in Risk, Quality and Corporate Performance Management (MRQP) (60 credits)

    • Semester 3 M2 EEM Typical course in Risk, Quality and Corporate Performance Management (MRQP) (30 credits)
    • English (3 credits)
    • Risks (12 credits)
      • Comprehensive approach to hazard science
      • Risk Management
      • Operational reliability
      • Sectoral approaches to risk
    • Quality (9 credits)
      • Integrated management systems
      • Quality Safety Environment (QSE)
      • Quality management
    • Project Management (3 credits)
    • Crisis management and communication (3 credits)
    • Semester 4 M2 EEM Risk, Quality and Corporate Performance Management (MRQP) (30 credits)
    • English (3 credits)
    • Lean (3 credits)
    • Business continuity system (3 credits)
    • Performance Management (3 credits)
    • Work experience (18 credits)
      • Internship or work-study assignment and dissertation
      • Realization of a collective project
  • Admission - Second Year

    Who can apply?

    Any student who has completed one year of Master's degree (60 ects).

    How to apply?

    Apply at the time of admission on the dedicated platform.

  • Practical information

    Internships and projects are an important part of the training. A 4 to 6 month long internship is compulsory in semester 4 and gives rise to the writing of a professional dissertation. A project organised throughout the year puts students in the position of having to respond to a request from a professional partner.

    The Master's programme develops a skills-based approach that emphasises innovative teaching methods, varied situations using proven methods, team dynamics, and the mobilisation of individual knowledge and know-how.

    This training is available in :

    • Initial training
    • Continuing education
    • Work-linked training
    • Training under a professionalization contract
  • What's next?

    Professional opportunities

    Graduates will be able to apply for jobs:

    • In quality such as: Quality Correspondent; Quality Manager, Quality Assurance Manager; QSE Manager; Quality System Engineer; Quality Project Manager; QSE Consultant;
    • Within the Project teams as: Project Manager; Project Manager;
    • In risk management such as: Risk manager; Risk officer.

    The training provides the student with recognized methods as well as operational skills allowing him/her to approach numerous professional situations in the field of risk and quality management.

    The professional orientation of the training does not exclude the possibility of pursuing studies in specialized masters or doctoral programs, particularly through CIFRE or regional scholarships.


Pedagogical Manager

Nathalie Audrey

Administrative Manager

Gestionnaire administrative MIND Aix-en-Provence