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Teaching method: Initial or continuing training

Location: Aix en Provence

Type of degree : DU University degree

Duration of studies : 50 days

Language(s): French

Department: Management Culture and Territories - MCT

  • Objectives

    This University Diploma (DU) has the following objectives:

    • to validate the level of responsibility and skills of managers/heads of care units (acting as a manager or executive) in the health and medico-social sectors.
    • to provide them with the tools and administrative, legal, managerial and quality-related knowledge and tools essential to the exercise of their profession.

    This training is also intended for anyone who plans to supervise a team in a health establishment.

    The aim of this diploma is to provide managers and/or future managers of care units with the administrative, legal and managerial tools and knowledge essential to the exercise of their profession within a health and/or medico-social establishment.

    The diploma programme does not include any medical aspect, but implies the acquisition of the following skills:

    • C1: To position oneself as a health executive with one's team, other executives and one's hierarchy in the respect of one's missions and role in order to demonstrate one's legitimacy.
    • C2: Manage your team with benevolence, in compliance with labour law, by developing motivation and individual and collective skills, in order to achieve the service's objectives objectives
    • C3: Integrate the tools and methods of the quality approach and risk management to improve the quality and safety of care in your department.
    • C4: Design, pilot and evaluate a project involving a multidisciplinary team or networking to drive change
    • C5: Elaborate, analyse and follow up a budgetary reporting by using fundamental management knowledge to contribute to the medico-economic management of his/her establishment.
    • C6: Facilitate communication within the department, respecting the patient's rights and using appropriate communication techniques in order to promote a calm atmosphere between the team, the patient/user and his/her family.
  • Teachings

    • Presentation of the function: the missions, role and ethics of the profession
    • Law and legislation: health, hospital, social, risk management law
    • Human resources management: development of managerial capacities, management tools, continuing professional training
    • The project and the quality approach: quality approach and nursing care, problem-solving methodology
    • Economic and Financial Management
    • Methodology and workshop of the dissertation
  • Admission

    Who can apply?

    • Anyone who has a managerial function or plans to manage a team.
    • Minimum 5 years experience in a health establishment.
    • Baccalaureate level + 3 (State Diploma of Nursing,...).

    This training is aimed at health care managers and/or executives, state-registered nurses (IDE), radio operators, midwives, nurse coordinators and other paramedical professionals wishing to develop their managerial skills.

    How to apply?

    See Contacts

  • Practical information

    Duration of training

    50 days, i.e. 280 hours spread over one year (one day per week: Tuesday).
    Indicative teaching period: September to September of the following year.

    Place of teaching

    The courses take place in the premises of the Faculty of Economics and Management 14 avenue Jules Ferry in Aix en Provence.

    Continuation of studies

    Formation 'Action Santé, a body representing trade unions in the health and medico-social sectors: the South-East Private Hospitalisation Federation (FHP SE) and Synerpa.

    Our training partners

    Groupement Professionnel de Formation de l'Hospitalisation Privée (GPFHP). Professional speakers from the health and medico-social sector. OPCO SANTE UNIFAF PACAC.


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