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L3 Management - MIAGE Course (Computer Methods Applied to Business Management)


Teaching method: Initial training or Continuing education

Location : Aix-en-Provence

Type of diploma: Bachelor's degree

Duration of studies : 3 years

Output level: Bac +3

Language(s): French

Department: License

  • Objectives

    The aim of the MIAGE (Méthodes Informatiques Appliquées à la Gestion des Entreprises) degree programme is to orient students with an initial background in economics and management towards management computing. The aim is therefore to develop a dual competence in IT and Management, which graduates will use to position themselves at the interface between IT and "business" teams. Students are trained in the theoretical and technical aspects of programming, databases, and IT project management, but also in the concepts and tools for understanding the complexity and impact of digital technology in organizations.

    Professionalization is highly developed in order to experiment in real-life situations but also to offer a possibility of professional integration at the end of the L3 or in view of further work-study.

    At the end of the course, graduates will have acquired the following general skills:

    • Identifying the environment of markets, firms and organizations
    • Develop and implement strategies
    • Communicate clearly and rigorously in French and English
    • Develop and implement individual and team projects
    • Implementing disciplinary competencies in the work environment
    • To develop a project that facilitates integration within a professional organization and an ethic that promotes accountability.

    As well as the Specific Competencies of the MIAGE course:

    • Implementing simple computer processing according to the main programming paradigms
    • Identify and assimilate a company's strategy in order to align IT developments with the company's business lines
    • Designing and operating databases
    • Understand and apply the principles of IT Project Management
  • Teachings

    Licence 3 Gestion Parcours MIAGE (60 credits)
    Semester 5 L3 Gestion Parcours MIAGE (30 credits
    Organizational and Production Management (6 credits)

    • Organizational theory and new technologies
    • Production management

    Computer project and professional project (6 credits)

    • IT project management
    • Accompaniment of the student's professional project

    Introduction to programming (6 appropriations)

    • Introduction to Algorithms and Programming

    Database (3 credits)

    • Data processing in relational database

    Internationalization (3 credits)

    • English

    Development in WEB 1 environment (3 credits)

    • Web architecture and programming

    Law in the Professional Environment (3 credits)

    • Legal approach of the company

    Semester 6 L3 Gestion Parcours MIAGE (30 credits)
    Business Management (3 credits)

    • Strategic Management

    Object-oriented design and programming (9 credits)

    • Object-oriented programming
    • Object-oriented design

    IT environment (3 credits)

    • System and network

    Information Systems Design and Database (6 credits)

    • Design of information systems
    • Client/server programming

    Professionalization (6 credits)

    • Project
    • Internship

    Development in WEB 2 environment (3 credits)

    • Framework and web programming
  • Admission

    Who can apply?

    The compulsory pre-requisites for the L3 Gestion parcours MIAGE are business management skills which must be at the level of a Bac+2 diploma in this field in order to be able to focus later on learning in IT and its interfaces with those in organisational management.
    It is highly desirable that the candidate already has basic knowledge of spreadsheets, databases, the web environment or personal computer operating systems. An interest or even skill in logic would also give a better chance of success. (Cf. engineering curriculum)

    How to apply?

    Apply at the time of admission on the dedicated platform.

  • Practical information

    As this is a professional training course, the place of internships and projects is very important, especially in L3 where 6 credits are planned for an internship of at least 8 weeks. The L3 also includes a tutored project during the academic year, in a team, in the field of programming for a virtual or real client.

    The pedagogical modalities are very varied: lectures and TD on sheet or machine, workshops, group work with group presentations, serious games and tutored projects. Evaluations are mainly based on continuous assessment and individual examination in limited time.

    Knowledge is assessed by means of terminal exams but also by continuous assessment throughout the semester, using a variety of methods: computer-based assessment, reports, oral presentations, group work, etc. The methods for assessing knowledge can be found on the faculty's intranet.


Pedagogical Manager

Vice-Doyen Formation Continue et Alternance FEG / Direction de la MIAGE d'Aix-Marseille
Maitre de conférences
Responsable pédagogique de la L3 Gestion parcours MIAGE / Responsable qualité de la MIAGE d'Aix-Marseille
Maitre de conférences

Administrative Manager

Gestionnaire administrative MIND Aix-en-Provence
Gestionnaire administrative MIND Aix-en-Provence

Responsable FC (Formation Continue)

Responsable Formation Continue (FC) de la MIAGE Aix-Marseille
Professeur des universités
Il y a 3 raisons qui m’ont motivé à choisir le parcours MIAGE : mon goût pour l’informatique, la double casquette à la fois en gestion et en informatique et le côté professionnalisant de la formation que ce soit à travers un stage ou ensuite en master grâce à l’alternance.