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Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science : Computer Methods Applied to Business Management (MIAGE)


Teaching method: Initial training, Continuing education or Work-linked training

Location: Aix-en-Provence

Type of diploma : Bachelor's degree

Duration of studies: 1 year

Output level : License

Language(s): French

Department: MIND

  • Objectives

    The computer science degree is done at the Faculty of Sciences.

    The general objective of the Bachelor of Computer Science is to train the computer scientists of tomorrow, by providing students with all the keys allowing them to create, build and develop their knowledge and skills to adapt, but also to choose, in the best possible way their future profession.

    Within this general framework, the objective of the MIAGE course (Computer Methods Applied to Business Management) will focus on Management Information Systems and Information Systems, in the 3rd year of the Bachelor's degree.

    The aim is to develop a dual competence in Information Technology and Management in order to better understand the needs of companies and provide the most appropriate digital solution.
    Professionalization is highly developed in MIAGE courses with the aim of experimenting in real situations the concepts seen in class but also to offer a possibility of professional integration at the end of the L3 or in view of further work-study studies.

  • Teachings

    • L3 Info Parcours MIAGE (60 credits)
    • S5 Info Parcours MIAGE (30 credits)
    • Algorithmic depth (6 credits)
      • Algorithms and applications
      • Operations Research
    • Computer project and professional project (6 credits)

      • IT project management
      • Accompaniment of the student's professional project
    • Object-oriented design and programming (3 credits)

      • COO and POO
    • Introduction to Management Science (6 credits)

      • Organizational theory and new technologies
      • Production management
    • Internationalization (3 credits)

      • English
    • Harmonization in Information Systems and Networks (6 credits)

      • System and network
      • Information Systems Design 1
    • Harmonization in the theoretical foundations of computer science (6 credits)

      • Languages and automata
      • Graphs, trees and complexity
    • S6 Info Parcours MIAGE (30 credits)
    • Advanced IS and RDB Design (6 credits)
      • Advanced relational databases
      • Design of advanced information systems
    • Business Management (3 credits)

      • Strategic Management
    • Data Analysis in Computer Science (3 credits)

      • Statistics
    • Further training in OOP (6 appropriations)

      • Enhanced object-oriented programming
      • Event programming
    • Web programming (3 credits)

      • Web programming (JS)
    • Project development (3 credits)

      • Tutored project
    • Professionalization (6 credits)

      • Internship
  • Admission

    Who can apply?

    The target student public is a public interested in professionalization towards professions related to Management Information Systems, design and development of information systems, development of software to support the management processes of the company.

    They can be students holding an L2, BTS, DUT in the fields of computer science or mathematics, with an interest in computer science and management.
    Preparatory class students and continuing education trainees can also present the knowledge and skills recommended for the L3 Computer Science MIAGE course.
    The compulsory prerequisites for the L3 Computer Science MIAGE course concern algorithms, programming (Imperative, Object and Web), Databases and Systems which must be at the level of a Bac+2 Computer Science to be able to concentrate its learning towards more advanced subjects in computer science.

    This level of training is also aimed at employees and job seekers who register for continuing education.

    Access is possible through the VAP (Validation of Professional Acquired Knowledge) and VAE (Validation of Acquired Experience) within the framework of the 2002 law [Validation of Acquired Experience].

    How to apply?

    Apply at the time of admission on the dedicated platform

  • What's next?

    The MIAGE computer science degree course offers privileged access to the MIAGE Master's degree.

  • Practical information

    Teaching methods

    The pedagogical modalities are very varied: lectures and TD on sheet or machine, workshops, group work with group presentations, serious games and tutored projects. Evaluations are mainly based on continuous assessment and individual examination in limited time.

    Knowledge is assessed by means of terminal exams but also by continuous assessment throughout the semester, using various methods: computer-based assessment, reports, oral presentations, group work, etc.

    The details of the knowledge test procedures are published annually on the FEG intranet, under the heading MCC.

    Enrolment schemes

    • Initial training, with or without an apprenticeship contract
    • Continuing education and continuing training under a professionalization contract.
    • Rhythm of alternation :
      • The L3 Informatique parcours MIAGE can also be followed in a classic rhythm, with courses taking place from September to April followed by a period of internship.
      • The L3 Informatique parcours MIAGE can be followed on a work-study basis, under an apprenticeship or professionalization contract. The work-study rhythm is as follows: usually, the week is divided between MIAGE and the host company. The first 4 or 5 weeks of the first semester are spent entirely in training. All the holiday periods of the training are spent in the company, in particular the period starting at the end of the courses and lasting until the end of the exams.


    If you wish to study temporarily and voluntarily, the "caesura"system is at your disposal.


Pedagogical managers

Chargé de missions Formation Continue et Alternance FEG / Direction de la MIAGE d'Aix-Marseille
Maitre de conférences
Responsable pédagogique de la L3 Informatique parcours MIAGE
Professeur des universités
Responsable pédagogique de la L3 Informatique parcours MIAGE
Maitre de conférences

FI Administrator

Gestionnaire administrative MIND Aix-en-Provence
Gestionnaire administrative MIND Aix-en-Provence
Responsable alternance de la MIAGE Aix-Marseille / Responsable pédagogique du M2 MIAGE parcours ISIE / Directeur du département MIND / Responsable du site de Forbin (Aix-en-Provence)
Maitre de conférences
Responsable Formation Continue (FC) de la MIAGE Aix-Marseille
Professeur des universités
J’ai choisi la L3 Informatique MIAGE car cette formation permet de développer un profil polyvalent, celui du développeur informatique mais aussi celui d’un professionnel qui est capable et en mesure de mener à bien un projet informatique.