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Registration in progress!

The concept! Tell us about yourself!

You have lived important moments in your life, realized ambitious projects: creation of a company, associations, you are a high level sportsman, a talented artist (...): show it so that others can say: "I can do it too, I must show who I really am!
Share your life stories and your fabulous personal and/or professional stories, be inspiring!
Send us your story project, we will discuss it, we will accompany you for the preparation and the presentation, look at the stories of the year 22!

The concept of this event is to come and share your stories and projects with all the other students! We want to put you at the heart of this process and reveal your exceptional journey!

Why get involved?

For students:

You will highlight a talent, an experience that will reveal the rest of your schooling by sharing it; You will make other students want to achieve and this will give you an additional experience to add to your CV: ambassador of the faculty! You will also be able to transfer your skills from this new experience to other projects!

For the FEG, we want to :

  • Highlight your exceptional career paths
  • Position you at the heart of the faculty's life
  • Use the videos of the pitches to communicate through student "ambassadors" who are actors of their career (to encourage proactive student behavior)
  • Create a unifying event, include all students in the process (actor, supporter, spectator)

The timing

Send your project, via the form, as soon as possible!

Sign up for the preparation sessions, be ready on D-day: February 15, 2023!