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International student mobility

International [Description]


  • To be able to complete a semester or a year of studies in a partner institution abroad (in Europe or outside Europe)
  • Remain registered with AMU (even if you leave for a whole year) and therefore pay only the AMU registration fee
  • It means being accompanied and supervised by AMU and by your host institution.
  • Benefit from financial assistance to carry out your international mobility project
  • Agreements and partnerships

    Among our partner institutions we distinguish two types of agreements:

    • Disciplinary agreements

    They are managed and negotiated by the component (the Faculty of Economics and Management) and the places negotiated are reserved for the FEG. When you apply on a disciplinary agreement you are therefore only in competition with FEG students. Our so-called "disciplinary" agreements concern the ERASMUS programme as well as some destinations OUTSIDE EUROPE.

    • Multidisciplinary agreements

    They are managed and negotiated on the scale of Aix Marseille University and the places negotiated are therefore open to several or all components of AMU. When you apply for a multidisciplinary agreement, you are in competition with all AMU students. Our so-called "multidisciplinary" agreements concern the CIVIS program as well as certain destinations outside Europe.

  • Country files

Campaigns take place around the same time every year, Save the Date and Apply!

  • For a CIVIS mobility - from 5 November to 20 February 2021
  • For mobility outside Europe - Multidisciplinary: from 5 NOVEMBER to 15 DECEMBER 2020
  • For Erasmus mobility - disciplinary: from 30 JANUARY TO 15 MARCH 2021
  • For a mobility outside Europe - Disciplinary : from 5 NOVEMBER to 15 MARCH 2021
  • Going on an internship

  • Going on a study trip

    The Faculty of Economics and Management offers you the opportunity to pursue your studies abroad thanks to its many partners and exchange programs, for a few months, for a semester or two.

    An international study stay brings you many advantages:

    • You will improve your command of the language of the country you are going to, because you will be completely immersed!
    • you will discover or develop your knowledge of a new country, its culture and perhaps you will come back because you will have forged new links! This learning of a new culture will allow you to think differently, differently...
    • you will gain in autonomy and maturity. You will use your adaptability, far from your family cocoon, you will discover personal resources that you did not know yourself and develop your relational skills!
    • You will open up new opportunities for professional integration because you will develop skills that are essential for success in the professional world, such as adaptability, autonomy and open-mindedness in addition to mastering a new language and knowing a new country!


International Relations Department :

Head of the International Relations Office

Permanence SRI from Monday to Thursday in Aix-en-Provence, Site Jules Ferry (14 av. Jules Ferry), office 111

Permanence SRI in Marseille every Friday:

  • FEG Colbert (9h -12h) 14, rue Puvis de Chavannes first door on the right in the entrance (former school)
  • FEG ilot Bernard Dubois, Box 2 (14h-16h30) 5-9 boulevard Maurice Bourdet/ 95 Rue longue des Capucins, 13001 Marseille